Thursday, July 25, 2013

Advertising :)

While I'm fairly new to Passionfruit - I have to admit I absolutely love it. I had been looking for a way to advertise or swap buttons, and Passionfruit has been the perfect way. Luckily, I got into it right as they made major changes and introduced Passionfruit 2.0.

Wow! The new Passionfruit is blowing me out of the water even more, and I am so excited to purchase the subscription. There will either be a $9/mo flat rate, as opposed to the current rate of taking a percentage of each ad. I'm planning on taking advantage of the $50 for a year limited time offer. If you do it, you'll keep the rate for the rest of your time with the company. That would be saving $58/yr! Especially beneficial while I'm still getting in the groove of things. I haven't had my first paid ad yet, but that's okay. I'm making lots of friends with swaps!

I wanted to share my ad rates with you, in case you haven't made it over to my sponsor page.

Important! Each ad comes with a Warrior Queen wristband! If you don't want to buy an ad, but want a WQ wristband, I am selling them for $1. All proceeds of ads and wristband sales go toward the fun stuff - my ad purchases [to get myself, and you, more followers], trademarking Warrior Queen [my dream for the past few years] and eventually! funding events and even cooler swag [I SERIOUSLY want to make WQ t-shirts].

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  1. Yes Make T-shirts! My bracelet just came in today! And will be talking about it all over the new blog! Which reminds me their is this site where you can design shirts and then make a goal to sell a certain amount and if you reach it they don't charge you. Will go find that link now for you.


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