Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The one time we tried Datelivery

Have you heard of Datelivery? It's a service that sends you a surprise date in a box once a month. Basically, if it's difficult to go out on a date night (or you're trying to save money for your wedding like us) , you can have this at-home  date night which is totally, epic-ly fun.

The June box was actually their first box that they sent out. We already knew the theme (I didn't realize this until we opened the box, though) because of Kaitlyn's review at Wifessionals. She inspired us to get it! And then we got it and...well...let's just say I wish I had pictures of the end result. 

So excited!

Iman insisted on opening the box. Also, he did not want me to post this picture. :P

So, the way the boxes work are: 
1. Open box.
2. Get ingredients you may want (or work with what you have)
3. Follow directions on the envelopes, opened in order.

Let me start out with saying that Iman is King Pizza Man or Pizza King or Boss Pizza...really whatever I feel like calling him because...he is the GM of a Papa John's and has been making pizza for the past 10 years eternity. 

So, I got to pick out the toppings from the store and he had to work with them. We each got to choose 4 toppings from the ones I picked....

Then we put them all in a hat and drew out which toppings we were going to have (boyyy was I worried I was going to get the tomatoes!!) Ironically, with the exception of garlic, we each pulled what we had originally wanted.

Iman didn't think that was fun, but there was NO WAY I was putting everything back in there so that I would have to put gross tomatoes on my pizza. 

Granted, there was a bartering method put in place. As in "If you give me your tomatoes I will..." Again, I did not want to find out what he would say. (I know him too, too well.)

Then we put them in the oven and cooked them...then took them out and tasted them! Mine was BOMB.COM. 

But this was a competition...and we had to try each other's and vote on a winner.

Here I will backtrack for a moment and explain something. Do you see those seeds on the jalepeno in the pizza on the left? Those are the devil. Iman decided to keep his fresh jalepeno seeds to cook in the oven.....and kill my mouth!!

I took a bite and instantly my mouth was hurting. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before. Even though I spit it out, chugged milk and my mom stuffed every thing that she or the internet could think of into my mouth, I cried hysterically for 20 minutes.

I wish I was joking. I cried so much my tears started burning and my amazing, spicy-loving man had to wash my eyeballs out for me. My mouth is finally healed...a week later. It's freaking hilarious now, but at the time I was miserable. Note: Salt on your tongue after sugar, milk and cold rice...makes your tummy hurt.

Pre-Jalepeno Tasting. Check out our hats we made for each other

Despite the debacle, we ordered 3 more months of Datelivery! It shipped out yesterday and should arrive by the end of the week!!!

What's your worst date night in mishap?

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  1. We tried June's Datelivery and I have to say I wasn't that impressed. Yes, it could have been fun but I wasn't 100% in love with the idea. It seemed cheesy to me (pun intended!) But I like the idea of it. That is cool...I just wasn't in love with the competition idea, I guess. We were also really I didn't want to spend time with the hat and stuff.

    Thanks for linking up though!

    1. Ack! I think doing things while really hungry sucks some of the fun out of it. I'm not super competitive either but Iman is so he loved it. I'll let you know how July goes - if there isn't a competition! :)

  2. Visiting from Pixie Dust Bride ... thanks for sponsoring! Cute date night idea! Hubby would certainly be down for making pizza!

    1. Thanks for the sponsor, too!! It was a super fun date night - and a great way to get him to make dinner! :P

  3. This is such a brilliant idea! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!


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