Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Crafts

So I was about to write my Carabox reveal and stumbled across Chit's and Giggles' Wedding Wednesday post. I love love love this link up. (I hate to say this but, I do love talking about my wedding...well, anyone's wedding...or life for that matter!) 

I want to share a couple of my DIY projects that I am going to attempt to create. Key word: Attempt. I'm crafty and they're cute buuuuuut I'm also a little clutzy, so hopefully they last! 

I am not a crazy Pinterest-er, but I try to get on every once in awhile so that I can see all of the fun crafts that people are doing and posting. 

Our ringbearer is going to be a little over 3 years old, so I really want to make sure he doesn't lose our rings! Directions found here.

Does anyone remember making those cool string things in school? They were my favorite. This is going to be our backdrop. Iman even wants to make it with me! Directions found here

Ribbons! Our venue doesn't let us do confetti, rice, sparklers or anything like that. We could probably blow bubbles but I would somehow get bubble in my eyes. I know it! So, I'm going to make ribbon wands. Directions found here.

Chits and Giggles
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  1. Ooh I was thinking of doing the ring box too. I don't know if we will get around to it, but I think it's so cute. We aren't really having a ring bearer...long story...but I do love that. And it sucks your venue won't let you do any fun exit stuff. Oh we'll!! Ribbons will be fun! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  2. Oh man I am annoyed! I am typing this on my phone and had a great comment ready to go and it deleted it! Ugh.

    Anyways thanks so much for linking up! I love the box idea too. We might be trying that as well. And it sucks that you can't have any fun exit stuff at your venue. I hate that they restrict things for us. But I do like the ribbon idea. That will be really neat in your pictures. When is your wedding?


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