Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Fabric Shopping

Chits and Giggles

So, I never really do these link things every week, but I am super loving Wedding Wednesday. Mostly because it stops me from just gushing about wedding stuff every single day on my blog about being an independent woman...LOL. Also, I feel like I'm actually getting wedding stuff done by talking about it because we are in the patiently waiting time. Just under 9 months to go!

Today I wanted to tell you why I did not post last Wedding Wednesday...because I made it a literal Wedding Wednesday by going dress fabric shopping!!!

The Saturday before my mom got the almost pattern for my dress. I say almost because she is going to make some adjustments to make it specifically to my taste [obviously]. Which meant that the next day I had off [and fiance-free] was fabric shopping!!

My MOH/best friend came with my mother, god mother and I. My godmother is buying the fabric as my wedding present :)

We left bright and early and hit LA traffic, of course. But for this type of thing you don't mess around! We got in the cool new Toll Road/Carpool Lanes to get into downtown in my godmother's Crown Vic [I love driving in that thing, people think you're a cop and they move out of your way!].

We chose to go to the Fashion District in DTLA because it would be much cheaper and nicer than any of the other areas around [yet another reason why I love living in SoCal]. It's perfectly fitting, too, because Iman got my ring from the Jewelry District and we're getting our flowers from the Flower District. YAY for warehouse pricing!

As we walked in my best friend and I were pretty overwhelmed / didn't know what to look for. Luckily, my moms are experts. So we looked at a few pieces and then found this PERFECT fabric. Only, it was small...not enough to make a bodice. The lady told us that they didn't have any other sizes of that fabric and I was so so sad.

But we kept looking and found the same fabric but slightly wider! Still too small, but it was progress. Another lady came over to help us and then she pulled out the full size fabric!!!

That first lady did not know what she was talking about!!! The rest of the pieces of fabric were easy to find and we got some accessories...I'm not giving away too much for fear that Iman will decide to read my blog for once!!!

All of it happened in an hour. We didn't even have to pay for parking!! I didn't cry, but I got super super close. Which I think is a good thing. I'm weird and I cry at the most inopportune times.

After that we headed into Pasadena for some Afternoon Tea [which my MOH won a free tea for two today because she guessed the little prince would be named  George!] and then we all made it back in time for our afternoon appointments.

Successful day!

 photo name.jpg

P.s. My mom totally injured herself getting into the car when we were leaving and we all got worried that we wouldn't make it on time because we had to stop and ice / butterfly her wound. Silly mama! I'd show a pic but she'd kill me!


  1. so cool that you are having your dress made!

  2. Your poor mom! Everything else sounds so awesome, though! How special that you can share the experience with everyone, and even more that your dress will be completely custom! That's amazing! Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to read the rest of your progress! :)

  3. Sounds amazing to have a custome made dress!!! Oooh so exciting girly!!!! My wedding is in 22 days!! Eeek!!
    Hope you stop by and follow along! :)

  4. Totally cool to talk about wedding stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY! haha I love it! First it is SO awesome you are having your own dress made! That is so cool! And, how awesome to know it's a one of a kind that your got to put so much detail in. And, Yay for finding great fabric! Fabric shopping is so fun but can stink when you don't find exactly what you want.

  5. Such amazing suggestions! When I go shopping I usually clothing like a slob and I end up with all the problems you've described here. I find out it amazing that I never considered of these aspects before and they seem so obvious after you've described it. Thanks bunches!


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