Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Carabox Reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I got my Carabox last week but I've just been way too busy to post it. :( This week is much calmer though so here is the box i got from Aly at Cup of Ting!! She got me so many super cool things that are so very me aaaand a gift for my wedding!

Ahh! I love my envelope :)

Yum, yum yum. I see a tea party in my future!


Candy and chapstick <3333 p="">
My frame broke :( But my mom had some glass to replace it!

We're going to have old fashioned Coca Cola bottles as centerpieces, so she gave us this cup for our sweetheart table!

Hi, my name is Raewyn and I have a Cupcake Problem. See my old blog.

Card cover was so inspirational!

I just love when people love the warrior queen movement!

If anyone wants to see what I got Megalin (who is from Cali but living in Tennessee aaand we instantly became blog bffs!!!) I was so excited to get to know her and send her box (which has a gift for her wedding too!) 

 photo name.jpg

P.S. Have you heard of The Carabox Exchange? Kaitlyn at Wifessionals created it. It's like adult pen pals with care package. The. Best. Thing. Ever.

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