Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Friendship in Times of Need

It's Tuesday and my weekend was far from relaxing. I've come to realize that this summer isn't necessarily carefree for those closest to me, or myself. The positive vastly outweighs the negative, but I think we all need a little extra love and positive energy right now.

Which has led me to this unstructured post that is an open letter to friends from friends everywhere.

Dear you,
Some days I need a little more love and support than others, but I'm too buried to reach for it. Some days I need you to send me that text message of support, that might not even get a reply. Some days I need you to understand that I'm not replying because I do not love and respect our friendship. I have yet to reply because I don't know what words to say, terrified that the one word "Hello" to someone I know cares deeply for me, will break the dam and all of the emotion and tears will come pouring out.
 Some days I need to hear "That blows" instead of a solution to my problems. Other days, I need those solutions and I appreciate every little bit that you do. When you bring food to my house for us to cook and leave the leftovers for later in the week, I appreciate it. When you sit by my side, silent, while I cry, I appreciate it. When you come over and ask for advice, worried to put more on my plate, I appreciate the distraction. 
 I need you to understand that some times I do not talk to you for weeks and weeks even though you might see on Facebook that everything is wonderful and I seem to be spending a lot of time with so-and-so. Please do not get jealous, as I can assure you, my love for you has not faltered. Sometimes I need the support of certain people, but many times, they need mine. I might not text you for a few days because, while I'm busy at work, I am spending every spare second supporting someone else who is going through something tough. I want to talk to you and I won't ignore you. But I can't spend my day worrying that you are upset because I haven't texted you when it goes both ways. 
 Please, do not be afraid to reach out to me any time of day or night that you could need me. I will do everything in my power to love and support you.
Forever your friend,

Do you have any friends going through a rough time?

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  1. I love the part about saying "that blows" instead of a solution. Sometimes, you want someone to sympathize with you, not solve your problems!

    1. haha it's so true! A friend said that to me the other day - that she was happy that I just sit there and say That Blows when she needs it. lol


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