Sunday, August 21, 2011

Confidence for All

Hey guys,

So I'm very lucky that my friends posted blogs this week because I was in Vegas living up the good life (or relaxing by the pool to be more accurate). Sitting in Vegas, I got a good look at appearances and insecurities because that's what Vegas is built on.

Of course we have the girls faked to the extreme and the buildings are all glitz and glamour until you get off the strip and realize it's just another desert town. The part that actually struck me, was the high amount of faked up insecure guys.

I thought this would go perfectly with the previous post about girls and confidence, because it's important for us to remember that most guys lack confidence too. It's how our society breaks us down and how it makes money off of us.

Walking around the pool there were so many guys built to the extreme, strutting their stuff and trying to woo any girl they could. Just by glimpsing these guys, immediately you're gonna think they're cocky and have a lot of confidence, nothing can bring them down.

Not true.

Girls spend hours getting their hair and nails done, putting on makeup, shopping etc. Boys? They spend hours at the gym.

So whenever we're feeling insecure about ourselves, we should probably think that everyone else feels insecure too.

Let's all build our confidence up, shall we?

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