Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Overheard on Campus

I have a problem with eavesdropping. I love listening to conversations and even butting in. I can't help it! I'm a journalist - my curiosity is insatiable, especially for information.

Today at school, I had a 7 and a half hour break (horrible, I know) and found myself eavesdropping more than usual. The topic of every conversation seemed to be Jay-Z and Beyonce's fetus. I first heard of it in class yesterday (apparently it was announced at the VMAs) and then again on the radio this morning. Obviously, everyone's talking about it and the surrounding circumstances.

All I can think of is WHO CARES!!!?!

Don't get me wrong, pregnancy is a very beautiful thing. But why does a celebrity's pregnancy mean so much more than a nobody's?

Again, I'm part of the media. But the realities and focus of the media really angers me. The story is not in the celebrities.

The real story lies in the family that lives down the street with the son who's away at war or your boyfriend's sister's life as a single mom with an autistic child. The true stories are the ones not being told.

We each have a story.

Instead of focusing on these over-dramatized lives, let's ask each other to hear our stories.

What's yours?

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