Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dream Big!

I saw this picture today and it totally inspired me to write a blog. As I was about to sit down and write it, my friend who just left to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL started talking to me on Facebook. When you dream, dream big, right? 

Let me tell you a little bit about Tyler Williams: he's 20 and he played football throughout high school and community college. This past school year he got the opportunity to go to not one, but several schools to play football. Many of these schools offered him a scholarship. He finally settled on St. Anselm in New Hampshire and left last week to start training for football season. 

This kid is such an inspiration. Everyday he does what he can to follow his dream - whether it's working out to stay in shape or if it's some positive thinking. I worked with Tyler for the past six months and there wasn't a day that he came in and wasn't exuding positivity. 

Try it out. Follow your dreams. Turn your dreams into SOMETHING. If you don't have a dream yet, sit down and really think about what it is you love. It could be born out of nothing; I didn't realize my dream until senior year of high school, but looking back...it was there the whole time. 

Have a wonderful day. And Tyler, thank you for being an inspiration and a great friend. 

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  1. I love it!!! and what a great friend you are raewyn!!


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