Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spa Night

I know all of the time I talk about pampering yourself when you're in a funk -- manicures, pedicures, retail therapy etc. It's something I could swear by because you're giving yourself positive attention that you need to destress.

On Tuesday, I was enlightened to an even better way of pampering yourself. Yeah, all of that stuff is amazing and relieves some tension temporarily, but the ability to truly de-stress through a spa / girl's night vastly surpasses a simple manicure or pedicure.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but my roommates and I have been in a little bit of a funk for part of this summer. We were all kind of "ehh" on Tuesday, but luckily we were hosting a spa party. Spa parties are similar to Cookie Lee events. Someone hosts it and a professional will come in with products and test them out on you and show them off and then you can decide to purchase some after.

We started off the evening with cheese and crackers, fruits and veggies, and a nice pitcher of Sangria (we're all over 21, but refreshing iced tea works if you're younger too!) Once our professional arrived (she's a close friend of my roommate) we moved into the living room and she gave us various mini spa treatments. We had miniature facials, lip facials, hand and feet scrubs / moisturizers.

All of this was absolutely phenomenal and can help peel of tons of stress and toxins from our bodies. To top it all off, the estrogen was flowing and our endorphins were high. Women release the hormone oxytocin when they are together bonding and it's a "feel good" hormone.

It is a beyond amazing experience. I suggest trying it. And next time you're feeling sad, surround yourself with your best girlfriends because your oxytocin's gonna brighten things up quicker than you think :)

**Our spa party was hosted by a representative of BeautiControl

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