Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Little Grins Week 15 [Link Up]

Hello late at night Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Jr day!

5 Little Grins


We'll go ahead and say it: Most people think Mondays suck / are the worst / should die a fire-y death. I'm sure you get the picture.

We've all had our fair share of bad Mondays and bad Tuesdays and just plain ol' bad days. Instead of focusing on the bad, what if we focused on the good things?

What if we focused on the little things that made us smile today, yesterday, last week? Could our whole attitude change? In time, would we find that we're having more good days than bad?

Cassandra, Paulina and I would love for you to join us on our weekly link up counting at least 5 things that made you smile in the last week. We could start our Mondays on this positive note!

Of course, this is all about encouragement, so hop on over to some other blogs and leave a positive note and make a new friend!
The Rules! (These are really just kind suggestions)

1. Follow your hosts: Cassandra, Raewyn, and Paulina!

2. Link up your post that includes 5-ish things that made you smile in the past week

3. Comment after you link up

4. Go visit some other blogs and make some friends!

5. Have fun, and don't forget to smile!!

This weekend was so crazy busy!! I completed SO much wedding stuff I am stoked, but this might be a little bit wedding heavy ;)

1. I got to see a lot of friends this weekend!

2. Our wedding invitations are 4/5 finished! I have a few left to do because I ran out of ribbons.

3. My best friend from preschool had her baby on Thursday! I cannot wait to meet him!!

4. We played Cards Against Humanity for the first time!! 

5. Our flower arrangements are going to be SO much cheaper than anticipated. I am so grateful for Iman's cousin. 

And, for some fun! Here are my pictures from Vegas...finally!!

Our home away from home <3 nbsp="" td="">

I love these mirrors #sexyshoes

Merry Christmas from the Sangaris

Fam bam + our fave taxi driver! 

Sad Pandas 

Check out his sexy Christmas top! 

umop apisdn

As you can tell, most Vegas trips are the guys and I

 photo name.jpg

Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. I love these link up's. and think we should all start turning negatives around into positives. I also wish I could find daily link ups to participate in. if you know of any please let me know asap by shooting me an email. Thanks chick. love the pics. hope you're doing well.

  2. thank you!! I don't know any, I don't like to do too many link ups.

  3. Those shoes are GREAT! It's awesome your friend had her baby & cheaper than anticipated is always great to hear! :)

  4. Tawny has "linkup your link up" thing, it lists them by day, you could check that out -

  5. Vegas is AWESOME!!! I am sure you're going to arrange an awesome wedding for real!

  6. I knew you had been waiting for those Vegas pictures!!

    Thank you about the wedding! I am so hopeful!

  7. thanks! They were 10 dollars and they're sparkly Vegas shoes!! I've had them for 2.5 years now!

  8. They sound perfect!


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