Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Vlog-day and a Giveaway

I didn't want to miss out on Vlog like a Boss but I'm at school teaching today and I don't have time for a Vlog. I think it might be weird for someone to walk by and see me in my office talking to myself...

Here's a flashback vlog that I did in 2010?. I wanted to show the video of the day I got iced, I mean Oreo cookie creamed but I can't figure out how to get that video off of FB. Does anyone know how to do that? Also, does anyone else partake in that funny drinking game called Ice? We had an epic battle at my apartment in 2011 and, in revenge, my roommate left a sleeve of Oreos for me to eat in one sitting with nothing to drink. I recorded it on her wall and it is basically 7 minutes of me stuffing my face with Oreos trying not to choke. HIL-arious.

Anyway, this one should be equally funny because it is actually a TV commercial for a friend's class and I'm a riot.

I don't share it too often on the blog, but I've had an old lady persona named Gladys since 2007. It's pretty much the funniest part of me...

And a super awesome giveaway!!! One entry is to purchase a Color Me Warrior Queen shirt! You know you wanted to buy one anyway :)

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:

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