Thursday, January 23, 2014

51 Weeks of Doing Good

Alright, who did the #DoGood52Ways challenge last week?

Join us on Instagram! :) @raetothewyn #dogood52ways

Now's the time to let me know! I am going to put a link up form, but you don't have to do a blog - feel free to just share a picture from Instagram! I just want to go and comment! You can also hashtag the picture in Instagram. I didn't come up with the hash tag, it's from the jar that I received, so the Do Good Bus is following the hashtag, too!!

Don't know what the #DoGood52Ways challenge is? Go here to find out!

We completed week one! I hope it was an easy one - I mean - taking a few minutes to write a Yelp review is very simple and easy, and so gratifying! I reviewed Sushi Joint - my favorite sushi restaurant for the past year! I had no idea that I hadn't reviewed them yet. I'm usually pretty good at that stuff. They have the most awesome and caring staff I've ever encountered, so they definitely deserved the accolade.

Erykka reviewed California Health Foods, a store where she purchased a one day cleanse. I am so excited to share with you that Erykka has joined me in the blogging world! She got a Tumblr where she plans on posting her good deeds, inspirations and other ways to be the change. We're on this path together!

Seriously, you should go follow her. She's the girl who got me into yoga and someday wants to be a yoga instructor. On top of that, she shares my passion for giving back! I am so happy to have called this girl a best friend for almost a decade!

Last night, we picked this week's #DoGood52Ways challenge and it might be a tricky one for anyone effected by snow. You can table this one and come back to it - but still do something good for someone :)

Join us on Instagarm! @raetothewyn #dogood52ways

Can't wait to surprise someone with a car wash!

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. That's such a wonderful idea! I don't think the car wash thing will work out for me, but I might give the next one a try :)

  2. okay! I will be posting it next Thursday :))

  3. What a cool idea! I might need to hop on this bandwagon (post week of the car wash)!

  4. Sounds good! I will try to remember to tweet you to join in :)


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