Thursday, January 16, 2014

52 Weeks of Doing Good

Has anyone heard of the Do Good Bus?

Maybe if you were following my blog last fall you had the pleasure of reading this amazing post about it. I first discovered the Do Good Bus while I was interning at LA Parent magazine. I featured them in an article I wrote on giving back over the holidays. Lemme break it down for you: You sign up for an event that fits under a category [that's all you know]. You pay around 30 dollars, but that includes lunch and wine [holla!] When the day arrives, you hop on their school bus and they take you to your undisclosed location. While traveling, they give you the low down of the day. It usually lasts about 4-6 hours and it is just wonderful.

Venice Beach Clean Up + Movember Awareness

In November 2012, I went on my first Bus with one of my best friends. We ended up working both for Movember and doing a beach clean up. It was so amazing, I want to do one every month but I always end up busy the day they do their monthly event. They also take a few weeks off from Los Angeles and travel the UNITED STATES with FOSTER THE PEOPLE. I love it!!

I recently got their email and saw their Do Good Bus Holiday Mason Jar and had to get one. Of course, the purchase money is used to help them keep the bus running and the organization going. Any leftover donations they donate to various causes.

So this Mason Jar is filled with 52 ways of doing good - one for each week. Last night, my best friend and I picked one and we are going to be doing one a week until it's done [so, if you're bad at math...that's a year!]

Each week I am going to post our Do Good and I'd love it if you join in!! The way I'm going to work this is reveal the Do Good on Thursdays and then on the following Thursday you report on if you did it the week before :) If you don't want to link up, but you want to post on Instagram, use the hashtag #dogood52ways :)

Take part in the 52 Weeks of Doing Good

Mostly, this is my way of holding myself accountable to finish something. Giving back is one of my all time favorite things, but sometimes I get so bogged down in my life that I forget the little things. I try to do them every day, but with no set schedule. As I mentioned in my goals, I want to make habits. This is a great habit to have.

I can't wait to see your pictures! :)

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  1. What a fun and kind idea! Pay the good vibes forward.


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