Thursday, January 30, 2014

50 Weeks of Doing Good

 Erykka and I decided to do the #dogood52ways challenge from the Do Good Bus. Every Wednesday night, we draw a new paper from the jar; complete the task; and invite our blog readers to partake. For more information on how this started go here. 

So, was anyone able to wash someone's car last week?

Because let me tell you, I dropped the ball on that one. I was planning on surprising Iman with a car wash on Friday while he was working because he is so awesome to me and fills up my gas tank if he drives my car for 5 minutes.

Then he decided to leave work when I came to visit him...aka "bring food" aka bring food and take his car to the car wash! But never fear! He was going to be in Vegas all weekend! So I begun to hatch a plan in my head to do it on Sunday, since Saturday I was spending the day and night with a couple of girlfriends of mine. I told him I would smog his car for him.

Sunday morning rolls around and I wake up at my friend's friend's house, stranded. A few weeks ago there were some pretty bad wildfires and this girl lived in the hills that were affected. On Saturday night, when we went to her house, we all had to drive up in her car because officers were only letting residents in. Sunday morning she left for church. We assumed she'd be back by 10:30 or 11. She got back at 1:30. After attempting to find a bridesmaid dress for my friend, I returned home - excited to at least take Iman's car to get washed.

I found him already home from Vegas! He likes to surprise me by being home when I don't expect him to be...

That would be fine if I worked a normal job and could go to the car wash in the daylight, but with my far drive I leave when it is dark and get home when it is dark. But never fear! I found an app that will come to your car location and wash your car! It's called It is WAY cool, but not yet offered in SoCal...

Today starts a week of clouds and possible rain...and I know it's snowing all over the place so maybe we will raincheck (snowcheck?) this one???

I did buy a homeless man lunch on Sunday, though :)

This week's #dogood52ways pull is also about a car. I let Iman pull it from the jar. 

Did you participate? I'd love to know! Instagram a picture of your #dogood52ways deed and tag me @raetothewyn 

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  1. You know that leaving flowers on someones car could get them in big trouble! HA! Let me explain..a few years ago a friend of mine said they were going to leave flowers on someones car to see if they were cheating. So if the girl came home and said thanks to the boyfriend it would be fine. But if she came home and didn't mention it then it was because she had no idea who gave them to her. It was funny and it worked. So I would suggest you put a little note on the flowers to say what you are doing! Funny!

  2. Ohh this one is definitely doable for me! Although I wonder if someone would feel let down when they realized they don't have a true secret admirer?

  3. Yay! I was thinking of doing daisies or something platonic and writing a note that says something like "Just a stranger wishing you a wonderful day!"

  4. hahaha this is so true!! Well, my fiance picked it out so I would do it for him (sneaky!) but I was thinking of ways to make this less tricky by including a note that says something like "Just a stranger wishing you a wonderful day!"


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