Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Day: Warrior Queen Noor

Happy Valentine's Day! 

In the spirit of love, I'm here to share one of my favorite bloggers, Noor! This blog lady is so sweet and runs some of the most fun blogger social events - like the #socialblogger Twitter chat and the Grab a Friend Bloghop. Get to know this lady and give her some Valentine's Day love! 

1. What do you love most about yourself?
I (personally) think that I'm so kind. I hate disappointing anyone so all I do is to BE happy and LET everyone happy. It's my most favourite trait , as I think #wink

2.  What do you love about your blog?
I take my blog as a fun place. It's funny , entertaining , connecting in a way and a little bit of real. I'm so proud of where I've taken my blog . From passion to hobby , and even I can brag about my blog . I LOVE it , I blog and it's the most lovely thing about it.

3. Who or what is most important to you? 
Family. I am too close to my twin sister than any other person on Earth. Plus I have always been a kid who's always around family instead of any other party.

4. Do you have a favorite love song or quote?
Umm love song? I have been loving "Jai Ho" from Pussycat Dolls and "Story of my life" from One Direction. They both are a little fierce to be called a love song but I'm currently in love with them both. Even I take SOML as a mean-ish song . But chica , love is even mean sometimes.

5. You've  been posting all about the wedding love - what can you tell us about Pakistani weddings?
Pakistani Weddings are SO traditional. There are lots of events but the main are three events. Henna (or Mayon) , Nikah (or Shaadi) and Valima (or reception)
I'm NEVER able to summarize it in this answer , you better read this post and this post. 

6. Who is your favorite love interest in a movie? (For example, Noah in The Notebook)
Jamal Malik (played by Dev Patel) in Slumdog Millionaire. He fell in love with the girl in film , I don't remember much but I crush Dev Patel (so hard) so this character is still alive in my mind. I loved his love.

7. What is your favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day? 
I'll be honest.... eating Lays or Cheetos with Pepsi . And a many cups of tea. I'm a team-forever-alone right now so it suits me WELL.

Head on over to check her out here: 

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