Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Parts of Me

Hello!! I've noticed quite a few new followers around this part [thanks to giveaways, Her Campus Blogger Network and I like to think my awesome writing skills...] so I've decided to do an About Me survey that we all know I love so much! [Seriously, I used to have to restrict myself to two max a day during my MySpace days.]

Also, I was going to get a little bit political crazy today, but then I got to play on my FB with politics and discussions and I think I'm satiated. Although, I would love to know what you think of certain links. I will attach them at the bottom :)

A - Age: 24
B - Bed size: Cal-King
C - Chore you hate:Hands down, putting away laundry
D - Dog's name: Crash
E - Essential start your day item: hmm, my alarm clock ;)
F - Favorite color: Red or Pink. 
G - Gold or Silver: lately, both
H - Height: 5'1" 
I - I am: everything and nothing at the same time
J - Job: Technology teacher
K - Kids: not yet! 
L - Living arrangements: saving money for the wedding and sharing a room at my mom's with my fiance. My brother lives here, too! 
M - Motivation: each new day and every new person I meet
N - Nicknames: Rae
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: none, yet! #knockonwood
P - Pet Peeve: People who choose to ignore how their actions affect others.
Q - Quote from a movie:? You can't change the world, but you can make a dent. 
R - Right or left handed: Right-handed
S - Siblings: one big, little bother
T - Time you wake up: between 5 and 530, except for my inability to use an alarm and wake up for work on time the past two days.
U- (Something) Unique: My story. So is yours. 
V - Vegetable you dislike: MUSHROOMS. gag. 
W - Ways you run late: sleeping too long and getting lost
X - X-rays you've had: dental, back
Y - Yummy food you make: baked goods!! And apparently, I make the bombest mac and cheese
Z - Zoo favorite: oh, I just love the zoo! Once we made up a zoo dance. 

Well, I hope that was entertaining for you! It gave you so much information and nothing at the same time. 

Here are the basics:

I want to change the world and make a dent. I want us to work together, through conversations and love to make changes in our world. I want women and girls to feel empowered and to love themselves. I want to do good in every day. I want to understand people's actions and accept them for them - even if they are not something I would do. I went to school for journalism and am currently a teacher. My fiance has been my best friend for 10 years and we have a beautiful love story filled with overcoming much. Love is all that I ever want and need. I have an anxiety disorder that can cloud my mind and take control of my body. Have you ever battled yourself for control of yourself? I love too much and I get hurt. I forgive far too easily, but I can't see a point in staying angry. There's just so much more you could know. Get to know me, the movement, and have fun following along! 

Links I want to know your thoughts about: 

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. I used to love these! such a throwback!

  2. So glad your seeing new faces around here and getting more views! And in your survey I noticed your a shortie like me. You have me beat by 1 inch. I'm 5'0!

  3. Power to short people. I'm only 5'. Yay! I can't believe you wake up that early! I get up at 7 and I'm so groggy, but I also go to bed late. I'm a night owl. Pretty picture of you! Man that Coca-Cola stuff got me heated. People are so ignorant.

  4. we share the same fave color pink.


  5. 5'1? We're almost same in size . LOL

  6. I used to LOVE those MySpace surveys! I'm sure all of my friends got so sick of me posting them. Ha! It seems we have a lot in common. Especially after reading about your anxiety and loving too much. I say all the time that I have too big of a heart! It gets me into trouble! It's nice to get to know you. :)

  7. What a cute idea! I did not know you taught too! I am sure you have some great stories. I hate mushrooms too :)

  8. Yay! I seriously have always loved them too!

  9. Yay thank you!!! Sorry I'm beating you by 1 inch! I need it so that Iman is only a foot and three inches taller than me :O

  10. Thank you!! Short people unite!!! Ugh, I go to bed pretty late for someone who wakes up as early as I do. I used to be a 3am sleeper, but now I usually get to bed between 11 and 1. Lol. I hate early mornings!!!

    AH! I am glad I'm not alone about the Coca-Cola debate. I was so mad when I read those!

  11. hahaha, I just remember having to make a conscious effort to NOT post about me bulletins every 5 seconds.

    Big hearts always get us in trouble! Have you heard the Jack's Mannequin song "American Heart"? It's a sad song with a good beat, but whenever I am upset I just sing the chorus "Big hearts big hearts, big hearts are for breakin" It makes me feel better for some weird reason. Come to terms with it. :)

  12. Thank you!! It is my first year teaching :) Teacher stories are the absolute best though, and mushrooms are the absolute worst! :)

  13. I've never heard that song, but I used to love Jack's Mannequin! I'll have to look it up.

  14. It was 5'0 since I last checked it. I am sure I haven't grown much by that time (potato alert)

  15. haha, I stopped growing at 13 or 14! wah!

  16. Jack's Mannequin is just the best!


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