Thursday, February 27, 2014

Social Media + Your Career

A day late, but not a buck short, on this Chatty Wednesday link up with Megan @ The Artistic Brunette but I'm okay with that so you should be, too!

I still have to pull this week's #DoGood52Ways challenge, so keep a lookout tonight or tomorrow!

Last week's challenge was to drink more water! 

I am especially excited about yesterday's Chatty Wednesday topic, so I'm doing it today. I tried to do it last night, but there was so much wedding stuff to do. Seriously, it's like I breathe in wedding things to do and breathe out completed projects or something. [I wish I was that productive...]

This week's topic is:

How can social media enhance your career?  Has it already?  Tell a story about how it has OR the benefits/steps to using it.

I've always been the girl on the computer. I'm sure many other bloggers and readers have been as well. Our generation is very technology centered and social media is always getting a bad rap for ruining people's careers.

I've had the opposite happen. Since college graduation, I have been employed by three different companies because of my social media skills. Each of these companies had different requirements and reasons - they aren't all social media jobs.

1. The Summer Camp / Teaching

I found my summer camp job on Craigslist and applied with hopes but no expectations. Unlike most summer camps, this was a technology summer camp. I've always known computers, but not really known computers.

While interviewing, I talked about my experience as a journalism student, blogger and avid social media user. To this day, these are the reasons I was hired and my boss will tell everyone.

I'm not extra knowledgeable or gifted in any one computer program like my colleagues. Instead, I have the mindset that picks things up easily. My social media use (and my boss's research of it) got me hired to teach children how to make video games and movies and so much more. I learned the programs before I taught them, of course. But I didn't go in knowing them.

2. Social Media Director

Obviously, my knowledge of social media got me this job. I also found this job on Craigslist and I worked for 6 months for a famous fashion photographer. We still keep in contact today and occasionally, I help her out with her social media.

She hired me to help her brand and run her sites. Since hiring a sole social media director, her brand has been growing and growing.

3. The Auto Body Shop

Yet another job I found on Craigslist! [Seriously, found every job except for my serving jobs there]. At the auto body shop I was the receptionist / office manager. My main responsibilities included keeping the files on cars organized and being a friendly face at the front counter [among so much more].

The auto shop was looking to grow their business, however. My knowledge of social media got me hired because of this. We didn't post every day on social media, like I did in my director position, but my knowledge helped them to grow their brand and customer base.

As you can tell, sharing your social media knowledge is so important and great for jobs. Being social and doing it in the right way, is also a testament of your character.

I would definitely recommend sticking to my social media rules, though.
  • Like with any public forum or space, put your best self forward and think before you speak. Social media is not like hanging out with your friends in the privacy of your bedroom. 
  • Use proper grammar. 
  • Don't post pictures of things that might offend others, unless your willing to offend. 
  • Don't talk about your work, other employees, or employer negatively. 

P.s. You'll find me over on Endless Bliss today reviewing Good Morning - one of my favorite books!

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  1. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for linking-up!

  2. Thansk for sending the email about the link up!!

  3. That's so awesome that you found all of those jobs on Craigslist. I never think to look to Craigslist for anything. I just forget about it! Maybe I'll look there for my next job. That's awesome that you worked for a famous fashion photographer. That sounds like so much fun! I do social media for my job too, and I enjoy it. It's such a minuscule part of my job though. I wish I had more time at work to do more with it!

  4. Craigslist is seriously the best ever!! It's easier to get a smaller company job than a website like Monster. Aw, I'm the opposite. While I've used social media at jobs and tell employers I can do it, I don't like doing it so much for work. I'm trying to get more into it though. You should write a really great social media campaign so they have to let you do more social media to grow their brand! :)


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