Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Vendor Cancellations, Oh My!

side note, I decided to use summer camp pictures to embellish this post. I am sort of a character, so I hope you enjoy their ridiculousness and embrace the fact that really, they have nothing to do with my wedding... 

Woo, it's another exciting Wedding Wednesday and things are really starting to count down over her. We've got less than 60 days people!! I am so-ooo excited about this except for one thing...well two...sort of small things...

okay, I lied, two very big things. 

This is me upset...well, at summer camp, upset. Imagine I made this face when I got my bad news  though. 

Last week, both our DJ and our cake vendors cancelled.

Yep, they cancelled. Our cake decorator had a baby last month, so I was expecting the possibility of this.
Our DJ apparently moved to the Phillipines.

You might remember reading that we have a lot of family and friends helping out with the wedding. Both of these situations involve someone very close to us, and thus was very touchy.

Calmly solving problems...? 

Let's start with the cake. Because I want something super simple - vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, no decorations - my pastry chef friend volunteered to do them as our gift. Easy peasy! Then she found out she was pregnant with her second child. As I mentioned, I was expecting this. We discussed this possibility early on, and she spoke with another pastry chef to be our potential back up.

We aren't going with him, afterall, because he lives over 100 miles away, but we were still prepared. It ends up, my mom's coworker is going to make them for us! My mom is my all time favorite baker, but she's already making my wedding dress so...she's a little stressed. Problem solved!

Our DJ is a little bit more difficult to replace. My uncle is paying for our DJ and, it was his friend who was supposed to be our DJ (but then moved to the Phillipines without telling anyone!). For this, we never had any official papers signed. I don't recommend following in our footsteps. If someone is offering to do something for you, get it in writing and deposits down.

We aren't overly stressed about finding a DJ because we actually have one in attendance. We're only going to use him as a last resort though, because we want him to enjoy dancing with his girlfriend! Our wedding coordinator has helped us find a replacement. I would recommend always having a list with a few back up names in case something like this happens to you!

Then I celebrated my win! 

We're the type of people who plan things out, things fall apart, and then eventually work out. I'm used to this being my life so I didn't freak out. Just calmly tried to find replacements. Although, if it were within the last 30 days of the wedding I would be worried.

Remember, some people plan a wedding in 30 days! If you are doing that, I would definitely recommend checking out The Mad Dash Down The Aisle, by Liz Coopersmith. She happens to be my day-of-coordinator and her book is chock full of great advice in last minute planning.

There's also this amazing website that I lost. But then I found a different website called Bride Rush where you can find last minute deals.

Has disaster struck in your wedding planning?
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  1. Oh no! I am so sorry they cancelled! But I am glad you found replacements pretty easily.

  2. Elope! Just kidding, kind of! I hope things turn around for you soon friend!

  3. The pictures tied in really nice! I have never planned a wedding and dont' really want to. I am more of a small maybe even courthouse wedding. Im weird and I know it.

  4. Ah I would freak out! Props to you for holding it together :)

  5. So stressful! But I'm glad you had back up recommendations and help to turn to.

  6. Yikes! Wedding preparations can never be easy. I hope things get solved soon.

  7. Aww man that sucks girl! Glad everything will pull together though. You just want plain cupcakes? No like, cute little mustaches on top of them? Are you gonna have a tiny cake for you guys?

  8. haha, i told you i'm simple! We have moustaches for the table numbers, that's enough for me. I don't want to go crazy moustache lady. We are having a 6-8in cake for us. We'll put our wedding topper on it and cut it!!

  9. Thanks friend! I am working on it! :)

  10. I am so grateful we had all of this! I am trying my best to remain calm and not stressed!

  11. Thanks!! I am trying so hard not to freak out!!

  12. haha thank you! I've always wanted a big wedding but never gave specifics a thought until I was engaged. I love big parties, but I'm very low key on the way the party plays out. lol. Courthouse wedding are awesome - I did contemplate one!

  13. hahaha, Iman has wanted to elope since we got engaged!! Things will turn out perfectly, I just know it!

  14. It's okay! things always work out for the best :)


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