Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: RSVPs and Feelings

I am so excited!! Last week, we sent out our wedding invites and the RSVPs have started pouring in!! 

Tastefully scribbled out the address / guest name :P

I made our invitations and RSVP cards myself using Photoshop. I printed the invites at Vistaprint because I got a Groupon, and the RSVP cards through Kinkos. [I print everything at Kinkos...]. The RSVP cards were postcard size so all they had to do was fill out the front and stick it in the mail!! 

I am so happy and surprised that people already started replying (I was sure people would procrastinate). I am sure we will still be receiving cards in March, though. 

Our first RSVP :) 

I was so ecstatic when we got our first RSVP card, that I posted a status on Facebook. I should have known that this would spark problems. People started replying to the status saying that they had never received an invitation...because they weren't invited.

Maybe my thoughts on this are irrational, although, I have been told they are not. But excuse me, what? Why would you write something negative on my exciting status? Why couldn't you just say "Woo Hoo!" like it, or just ignore it? 

We're having a large wedding. There are 200 guests - most of them family members, our bridal party and then a few friends that we see regularly. My definition of regularly would be "whenever we are in the area." Therefore, we invited some of our friends from up north that we see every few months, some Ohio friends that I see once every few years, but talk to often, etc. Unfortunately, we weren't able to invite everyone - not even some of our oldest friends. To counter this, we've decided to do a barhop in the evening after our reception. Most of our friends are understanding and attending this festivity. 

Can someone please explain to me why someone would publicly say that they didn't receive an invitation? 

Personally, I would never say something to someone about not being invited to their wedding unless
a) they're a close family member, or b)they're one of my closest friends that I see/talk to daily. 

If I were to say something, I would definitely be doing it in a private way...most likely through a phone call (but I suppose text or Facebook message could work, too). But publicly? On my excited status? It makes me feel so weird. 

I, of course, then had to make some embarrassed statement saying we couldn't afford to invite anyone besides family when I shouldn't even be embarrassed at all! We are paying for this wedding ourselves! We've lived at my mom's house for the past year, saving money. Iman is still driving his car that could break down anytime to save money. I worked 70 hour weeks to save money. 

But, I decided not to let this negative reaction taint my excitement at our RSVP replies!!! :) 

With these replies flooding in, I found renewed energy for planning. Today I am heading to Macy's to fix our registry items (what a pain!), tomorrow meeting with someone to get our rehearsal dinner planned, Sunday hopefully asking our officiant and Monday we are hoping to do our food tasting! 

65 days till the wedding! 


I'd also like to introduce to you a company that makes amazing handmade boots. I cannot wait to purchase my first pair!

The owner describes the company like this: 
"Life is a journey, a beautiful journey if one looks at it from the right perspective and Gipsy Dharma is my own philosophy of always being on the move and constantly dreaming of what will come next. Gipsy Dharma boots are designed to help people in their journey by, if only slightly, beautifying their lives, inspiring them, raising their level of self-awareness and by giving them a lucky sign to start fresh. After all, don't we all have a little free spirited Gipsy in us just waiting to get out and explore? :)"

What's not to love about that philosophy?

The website has a wide range of shoe colors and varying products made of leather. Have you ever worn leather shoes? REAL leather shoes? They are amazing - especially on your feet.

These shoes make me think of fairies!

Go check out these wonderful shoes, maybe buy me a pair [as a wedding gift?] and enter their weekly giveaway!
   photo name.jpg

Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. I'm pretty sure this will happen to me as well. But oh my gosh- 65 days! That's so soon! I'm going to live vicariously through you and dress up in my home on your wedding day to pretend I'm there ;)

  2. I know it's so soon!!!

    I will try to make sure we take pictures and leave room for you to Photoshop yourself in ;)

    Oh! And we are going to use the Wedding Party app and Flickr to stream any photos people take at the wedding so you can SORT of be there <3

  3. People are SO bizarre about wedding invites. Seriously. I was married and felt obligated to invite people who I never really talk to. IF I get married again, I'll limit it to people I am SURE will be in my life forever. I don't get why people are so crazy about confronting on invites!

  4. So, this sort of happened to me. I had received a Save the Date for a friends wedding. So I knew we were invited. She posted something on Facebook when her RSVPs started coming in and I commented that I hadn't gotten our invite yet. I was expecting one since we got a Save the Date. Well, a day after I posted that, she texted me that my invite was returned. It said we didn't live there any more. We haven't moved in 3 was the same address from the Save the Date she sent.

    Anyways, USPS sucks and they annoy me. She ended up just hand delivering our invite because she knew that USPS sucks. Ugh.

    But YAH for your's so close! AHH!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. See, that makes total sense!!! But these people had not received the save the date, nor have they even asked me anything about my wedding! So to be offended that I didn't invite them was crazy!

    I know it's so close!! AH!

  6. I did invite some people I felt obligated to invite (like friends who invited me to their wedding). But it is so weird!! I understand wanting to celebrate with me, but ask me about it instead of just being crazy on facebook!

  7. love this idea. the mustaches are so in now a days. I "mustache" you a question. :D LOL

  8. Oh, girl, I know how you feel....we had an extremely small (like under 30) people and we had tons of people who were upset about not being invited. Don't let it bug you! :)

  9. That's so awkward that people replied to your status like that. I feel like people should know that you can't invite everybody you know to your wedding. I mean, really. Weddings are expensive.

  10. EXACTLY! I guess since they haven't thrown a wedding themselves they don't truly know.

  11. Ugh that is my fear as well! I can't believe someone would publicly do that. That's so rude!

    Another fear of mine is that people will bring dates when we didn't give them an option to bring a date...or they'll be really mad at me about it. Sigh...oh well! You can't please everyone, right?

    But YAY for people already RSVPing! That's awesome! I know I'll be calling people to mail theirs in, I just know it! haha :)

  12. It's funny you mentioned your other fear, as that happened to me last night!! Well, they didn't end up mad so there's hope!

    I gave the answer of "Oh no! I'm sorry if it wasn't clear, but we were unable to give you a date to the wedding. Our venue allows a set number of people and they have all been accounted for in other family members." It went over really well!

    I have to call people to RSVP to my bridal shower! And hopefully not too many on the wedding rsvp front!


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