Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday: I'm Not Sure What The Hype Is About

Ohh Black Friday.
The busiest shopping day of the year! My old boss used to have a count down until Black Friday. At Mervyn's, they would bring us breakfast and the day would pass rather quickly, but very stressfully. I remember the first Black Friday I worked I almost cried.

I was credit greeter, which means I got to go around asking people if they didn't want to open credit cards. I was 16. I've always been particularly gifted in upsales, so I got that wonderful job. On any normal day, I was happy to be a credit greeter. But interrupting Orange County housewives from their desperate search for THE perfect Christmas gift is daunting. To say the least.
This all leads to the point I'm trying to make -- when did the day after Thanksgiving [[although in many places people camped out making that THANKSGIVING]] a day of materialism. Seriously?

In my opinion, I'm always more excited about the holidays because I get to see my family and friends and eat delicious food. I don't CARE if anyone gets me a present. I like to MAKE presents because they're so much more heartfelt....

So many people are just so concerned with material things and "I want this for Christmas," I have to camp out at this store so that I can get this gift for so and so at the crack of dawn or they won't love me anymore.

NEWS FLASH!! If the person only loves you because of the gifts you buy them...THEY DON'T REALLY LOVE YOU. and if it's your's your own fucking fault for bringing them up that way.

Obviously, materialism pisses me off. But it's just ridiculous. The holidays are about LOVE. Showing each other how you feel...and the best way to do that is usually not through presents...all I'm sayin'.

So PLEASE, PLEASEEEE show your loved ones how much you love them this year, in ways OTHER than just materialism?


P.S. I just want to point out that the "BIG HUGE SALES" on Black Friday are really not that big of a difference from any other sales on any other holidays or days in the month of December. Honest blog, I used to work in retails, I know how it works. You usually find the bigger sales on random other days because they need to make daily sales goals...


  1. All the sales went into the Saturday afterwards too which made going shopping early on Friday pointless. Oh n Black Friday is the day that the stock market crashed....I guess its a go shopping day because it helps the DOW haha damn you capitalism!


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