Saturday, November 14, 2009

Break-Up Central

Hello, and welcome to the breakup capital of the world - November!

Is it just me, or do couples tend to break up in November? It could just be this year but I have a feeling it's a yearly thing - maybe attached to the big scary HOLIDAY SEASON! oh no! Heaven forbid you should spend Christmas together, buy gifts, visit families...

But seriously, I know of 10 confirmed cases of breakups in the past week! Ridiculous! It's like my facebook feed has been riddled with "__________ is now single." Insert my name into the blank, too. Only, I put my status as It's Complicated. Who's it complicated with? Me, myself, and I. That's right. My love life is pretty much a mess right now and I'm basically ignoring it until it decides to stop waging war on me and play fair. Nothing's fair in love and war and this week's abundance of heartbreak is a sure sign of that!

Luckily, for me, (in a sick, twisted way), I wasn't the only one dumped this week and therefore I have had PLENTY of distractions and very little time to be sad (slash my best friend is home visiting). I'm busy keeping my girls strong and in turn, that keeps me feeling strong! Helping others has some pretty awesome results on the personal level.

However, I would also like to point out that I know of 2 relationships that have been fixed in the last 24 hours and I have hope that most of these breakups are only temporary and everything will work out. If not, I know that we're all going to end up finding someone that makes us happier and everything will be good again. I'm such an optimist! haha.

This week though has only proven that timing really does make or break a relationship.

Also, what really is love?
A chemical reaction?
i don't think we'll ever know why we love someone or what it is...but I do know that it is a wonderful feeling and not something that can be faked.

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