Monday, November 16, 2009

Rumor has it!!

Rumors are so snarky. When I hear them I just want to wrinkle my nose in disgust and laugh my head off that people actually believe that crap. Why would people even spread that crap? Boredom. Jealousy. Stupidity. Meanness.

All things that warrior queens most certainly are NOT. And it definitely is not warrior queen behavior to start or pass on a rumor. Don't do it. It will only hurt other people. Not everyone is so crazy as me that they just laugh at them.

For example, in high school there were a lot of rumors that I was a crackwhore. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a crazy person. Very True. Granted, I am also very skinny. However, anyone who knows me also knew that a) I didn't do any drugs and barely drank and b) that I had never done anything more than make out until I was 18. WOO! It turns out my friend Ben had said it to someone as a joke, and they believed him and started spreading it around. It was to the point where random people would come up to me and say "oh you're the crackwhore right?" and I'd laugh in their faces.

Well, yesterday a cross-country rumor reached my lovely ears all about a guy I had met the night before (Saturday night). Apparently, I sleep with married men. Also, I run around parties yelling "I just wanna fuck!" It's so in my personality to do these things. Because I have no morals whatsoever and love STDs!!

You better have gotten my sarcasm.

The point I'm trying to make here is that rumors are no fun a lot of the time - they cause girls to become depressed, and some have even killed themselves because of the damage done to them indirectly from the rumor. We know how cruel girls can get.

So if you're out there and you hear a rumor, or you see someone looking really down - try to do your part and put yourselves in their shoes. Then go out there and do what you would want some one to do for you. =]


  1. Because I relate most everything to books, I'd encourage people to read the YA book, _Thirteen Reasons Why_ by Jay Asher.

    Great post, you are on target, as usual. I'm proud of you for your responses to the nasty ugly things people say.

  2. thank youu!! =]
    do you have that book? I'll borrow it =]


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