Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday Epiphanies on Thursday Mornings

Today was Wednesday. Wednesdays are Sasha and Raewyn days. They're probably one of my favorite days of the week because we talk for an hour or two on very intellectual matters // or boys and life and she teaches me her wisdom and such. I'm like her little protege.

Today we got talking about how both of us are trying to be more outwardly "bitchy." Aka we both are really good at being strong in horrible situations but when people hurt us and then apologize we're get over it and tell them it's okay and to come back. But we need to be kinda bristly i think - or else those people will keep taking advantage of us.

I don't like to let people take advantage of me - and, I generally don't put up with it unless it's someone I really love or if I just decide it's not worth my time. Which I decide a lot of things aren't worth my time caring over. But I care too much about everything so there's your oxymoron for the day.

Anyway, I thought it be best that I compile a list of things that I'm no longer going to put up with in any form of relationship that I am forming with another human being. If we have a messed up relationship right now, all I want is to start over with my new criteria (which looks a lot like how I was at 17...)

1. If you want to talk about something important, CALL ME.
2. I'm going to say no to hanging out sometimes - I'm finding time for ME.
3. If I think there's a problem - I'm going to address it.
4. I'm going to have to know a helluvalot about you before I'm letting my guard down.
5. Don't guilt me into things.
6. I am no longer going to be an enabler.
7. Acceptable forms of communication: phone, person, letters.
8. If you don't want to be in my life - go. I'm not chasing people down anymore.
9. I'm not going to feel guilty for saying no.

I encourage others to do the same - it's very empowering! =]

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