Thursday, December 3, 2009

!950s Romance

I'm on this new crusade of sorts lately, preaching the amazingness of 20th century dating techniques over the ways we date today. Nura said to me yesterday, "Well, as I've often said, technology is going to be the downfall of romance."

'Tis true. I don't want the modern romance, I want the 1950s version of romance. I think I'll spell out exactly what I mean and I think we'll find that most people will agree with me.

1) We'll start with the initial gesture, shall we? So you like someone? -- well, just because I'm going for the 1950s romance right now I'm gonna say let's have the boy ask you out, BUT I'm always all for girls making the first move, just be careful with that... -- Let's do something that is cute and means a lot...maybe a note or showing up to visit at work or school...

2) Where do we go from there? Phone calls and hand written letters -- mailed or handed over. -- Remember in junior high before we had text messaging? I would always pass notes with the boy I liked. It was always so much more meaningful. I have a box with all of the letters any one has ever sent a couple of boxes but still. Phone calls, are also very sweet. I'm not sure why, probably because you can hear the emotion in their voice!

3) Proper Dates: It appears that the social norm, in the 21st century or in my generation is to go from really liking each other to being a couple and hanging out with friends. Very rarely have I seen the "dating" stage. I.E. I have been on only a handful of what I would consider a proper date. To define, a proper date, to me, would be a one-on-one preconceived outting with someone that has romantic intentions. It means you're not going to eat because you're hungry, you're not staying inside watching a movie, you're not hanging out just you and your friends. This is a DATE. And it doesn't have to be expensive, I love picnics, beach trips, movies, etc. Right now...I REALLY want to go see all of the Chritsmas lights...any takers? =]

4) FLOWERS: Okay so, I feel very deprived. I've never been given a rose by a guy. I HAVE dried roses, but they were always from my parents. I do have an ex who would always give me my favorite flowers - sunflowers. But the problem became, I would get them whenever we would have a fight. Now I see flowers as an apology thing. I don't want flowers as an apology. I want them romantically - like you want to take me on a date. Or just out of the blue!! But not an apology.

5) This last one's kinda cheesy and it's something that I was always against, but right now I'm feeling like...I'd like it. In the 1950's there was the idea of "going steady." That was when you were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. It was kind of like a promise that I want to be with you and maybe someday marry you. Back then "going steady" was important. Now a days, we become boyfriend and girlfriend with people willy-nilly. All of my boyfriends, save one, I dated because I was bored. So, what I'm saying is I want to go steady. But I don't want him to give me his jacket -- I already have a history of stealing boys jackets -- I want a promise ring. It's the modern day equivalent. But it doesn't have to be expensive, I would LOVE a ring from the 25c machine. Although, I do want it to fit so I can wear it all of the time. =]

These might be "high expectations" and some might call me "high maintenance" but I really don't think these are high demands at all. If you're not willing to do these for me I don't want anything to do with you...plain and simple. I know what I want and I won't settle for less. WQ =]

P.s. I have a lot of half written thoughts and blogs, and that is why my posts aren't always posted, etc. A lot of things end up happening and I end up changing my mind or being unable to write at all. But soon I will tell you about my internship and soon I will post my other posts. =]


  1. i loved this post :) im currently being a hopeless romantic.

  2. me too!!! =]=] it's fun, actually.


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