Monday, December 14, 2009

Problem? Solved.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I have a black cloud floating above my head. It follows me everywhere and gets me when I'm having the best day ever! haha. But seriously, I'm always getting the short stick in the lottery of things. But I'm also always getting the winning numbers. I mostly attribute that to my positive attitude.

See, I never have any money and there's always some crisis going on in my life. But when disaster strikes, somehow I get immensely calm. In my general state of hysterics and craziness, there lies this switch that changes over to "calm" when something happens. I can sober up in an instant to fix things. Because that's what I do, I fix things.

I very rarely give in to feelings of helplessness. Where there's a will, there is a way. Today, I wanted to share that with you. Maybe give you a little hope in your life. There's a bumper sticker I saw on facebook: "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy people enough to make it worth the effort." This is SO true. I've been annoying some people lately with my positive attitude. But, hey, when you've got a black cloud as big as mine you have to be positive! (Just ask my old roommate Kathy, it was story of our lives.)

Anyway, on with my example of today. Well, it didn't really start today, it started several years ago when I got my truck which is my pride and joy, but also very very old. So, it has a lot of issues. Currently, it's in a coma. In place of my beautiful baby boo of a truck, I am currently driving a ghettovertible. Which, is a 95 and it runs, ghetto-ly. But whenever something happens to my vehicles, it's not something small. It's not like "oh it's high time I changed the oil because it's been 3,000 miles" no, it's always "Oh, I've driven 1,000 miles so why is this ticking?" And the answer is: Oh hey guess what you need a new engine. This time, with my Ghetto car my brakes were being a little funny. It couldn't be something silly like, you have air in your brake tubes or even, HEY! change the brakes. Oh no. I've definitely managed to blow my entire rear brake system.
HELLO expensive repair and annoying inability to travel places.

BUT. I got it fixed. Not, by dishing out the money. I don't have that money. I returned my car v.e.r.y. carefully to my garage and called my grandfather, who then worked out a way to get it fixed (THANK YOU GRANDPA AND COUSIN TIMOTHY). This still left me with the problem to getting around in the meantime. I found a way to get to all of the places I need to go this week. FOR THE WIN.

So, what I'm trying to say in my roundabout way (like usual) is that when life gives you a problem, find the solution. Don't wallow in it. Fix it. Even the silly ideas make the best solutions.

Have a great day!

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