Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today, I went for a walk. I forgot how much walking and running and fresh(ish) air in my lungs makes me feel. I've always been a highly outdoors-y person minus my distaste for bugs. I grew up camping, running, going on family walks. I think losing sight of that is part of what led to me losing sight of me.

Relaxation is hard for me, not because I don't know how to relax...but because I'm so high strung I never have time to! So, I guess I'm making a New Years resolution early -- I'm going to make more time for relaxation. I'm going to set aside half hour everyday for reading. I will feel so much better, so much more intellectual again. I'm going to take walks.

Walks clear my head of the nasty thoughts and leave the serenity inside. I very rarely feel serene. My anxiety often overcomes it. But, there are certain people who can calm me down in an instant. They are the ones who have the keys to my heart -- the ones that I cannot live without. That is why I fight for them. I would rather fight with you everyday of my life, than live a day without you.

What I'm trying to say is, are there people in your life who make you feel calmer and more at peace? Is there something you can do to calm down your crazy days? I know we all have crazy days. I'm starting to realize that it is easy to find time for that relaxation. Turn off the electronics, and BREATHE.

With that, I leave you. I am going to go breathe the beautiful air outside and see my best friend, one of the people who calms me like no other. Today we will be at peace and we will be serene. I will be resolved in my life. Without stress, especially with this final tonight. I will leave that to worry about later.

Try it! =]


  1. Sadly I think my resolution will be getting my ass to the gym. I hate working out but I'm starting to feel so bleh about my body n that's shitty! Must feel hot hahaha

  2. hahaha. you are so hot!! but i know what you mean. I miss the endorphins from the gym but i'm too unmotivated without roommates. hahaha


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