Thursday, December 10, 2009

Never have I ever

Today's blog I thought would be a little silly, because I was asked about this list I made senior year last night. This is my Never List. It's the things I've never done that I aspire to one day do. Most of the things are silly. Some of them are serious. It originally had about 100 things on it - it grows constantly. But today I removed all of the things i HAVE done and kept it with just the things I would like to do. Whenever i complete something I put the date next to it. It's kind of like my bucket list, you could say?

Bucket lists and "things to do before I die" are fun, but I, like always, decided to take a more positive approach and label it the things I have never done. Do you have a list like this? I wanna see it! =]


  1. Had a surprise birthday party

  2. Broken a bone

  3. Been to an exotic country

  4. Been off of the North American continent

  5. Written a Full Book

  6. Had a lingerie photo shoot

  7. Had a professional photo shoot

  8. Kept my room and closet clean for a year

  9. Been to the Grand Canyon

  10. Surfed

  11. Been on the Radio

  12. Gone Toiletpapering

  13. Swam with Dolphins

  14. Bought and Worn Dominatrix Boots

  15. Learned to play guitar

  16. Raced a car

  17. Did striptease aerobics

  18. Driven up PCH from start to finish

  19. Been to a Strip Club

  20. Ridden a Skateboard in Heels

  21. Known more than 2 languages fluently

  22. Played spin the bottle

  23. been seduced in a foreign language

  24. Gone paintballing

  25. Been serenaded in public

  26. Had a cake fight

  27. Gotten married

  28. Been to a Michigan game

  29. Been a mommy

  30. Laid down in the middle of the street

  31. Been an aunty

  32. Watched Aurora Bourealis

  33. Seen a meteor shower with someone else

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