Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello Finals and Welcome!

I've missed you quite sorely, as you are my all-time favorite part of school. Every year my anticipation and excitement builds to put me in that perfect state of hysterical calm that I love to live my life in. Only, this year, dear looks like it's just you and I. No late night study buddies this time around. No crazy jokes with Nicole and Jo or moments when I almost pee my pants. No quotes for the wall or the dresser because someone's stayed up for 40 hours and doesn't know what they're talking about. No baking procrastination parties and sleepovers at Ariana's where we watch Chelsea instead of studying. They're all done. Fin. They did it without me.

So finals, we must embark. I can feel my throat starting to ache - the old familiar feelings are setting in. My eyes are tired, my work's scheduled me the maximum hours and everything (aka my car) is failing me. Oh it shall be perfect. Where's the snow? and the late bus?! Alas, instead we have the car with no brakes and extremely rainy weather for Southern California.

Oh and finals, did I mention that you added an extra 6 weeks to my classes this year? I am so grateful for that! SIX more weeks of information to cram into my study time. I regret that you've only given me two finals, instead of all four. A quiz and a speech? You can do much better than that!!

But finals, my dear, dear finals, I should return to your study session. You seem to be yelling at me to do my Critical Thinking homework. Will you make me some tea so I can get it done?

Thank you, you are so generous.

And now I'm off. Toodless.

P.S. Fuck. I. Never. Learned. Shit.


  1. I seem to be having similar problems. I've been scheduled for the most hours I can take on, my boss seems to have forgotten that I go to school or something. Plus I'm sick and its damn cold outside!

    Hopefully once this week is over I'll resume normal sleeping patterns and get to see my friends.

  2. DITTO!!
    but i can't just stop at maximum work hours and finals and being sick.
    but i have a birthday party, a date, a concert, and my internship. AH


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