Monday, March 11, 2013

From Hot Mess to Organized Challenge: Week 2

The weekend before last, the fiance and I took what we called our "One Last Big Adventure" before spending all of our money on wedding stuff. While we were gone his dad decided to give my car, Daisy, some TLC. 

I call this part "Being Forced into Keeping My Car Clean and Looking Less Like a Hot Mess."

I always try my best to take care of Daisy mechanically speaking. I get the tires rotated and change my oil and filters when they're due, etc. But I am horrible at keeping my poor Daisy clean - interior included. Let's just say that my car is a mini example of my bedroom.

While my messiness may be a bit extreme in my car, I know I am not the only one with a messy car problem.   Under duress [aka guilt that my future father in law saw my messy car and cleaned it], I have come up with a system for keeping my car clutter-free. 

In my old truck, I used to keep a storage box from Target on my passenger seat. Anything that was in my car went into that box and once a week at minimum, I would bring it into my room, reorganize it and return it. This was crucial because I only had a two-seater and I was embarrassed [read: everyone complained] that they had no place for their feet. 

In addition to the box, I now have an expanding folder in my car for whatever papers I find in my car - letters, receipts, lists, etc. 

I've also begun to make it a point to clean everything out when I get home each night. This is a feat in itself though. Working in 2 cities over 10 miles away from home require multiple costume changes so my car is usually filled with clothes, shoes, and make-up in addition to the usual clutter. 

So to recap. Keeping your car clean in 3 easy steps:

1. Passenger Seat Box
2. File Folder
3. Take an extra 2 minutes to clean out your car each night. 

Oh and, throw in a car wash every other week and you'll be on your way to looking like less of a hot mess in no time. 

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