Monday, March 25, 2013

From Hot Mess to Organized Challenge: Week 4

Originally, I was going to post a recap on this challenge and miraculously show you how my life is organized in just one month. Then I realized that no amount of effort is going to take away the fact that I am a hot mess. I need to just embrace it. I simply enjoy doing and thinking so many things at the same time that I will always be a little bit of a hot mess.

However, I have made some major improvements in my organization that will hopefully stick. So instead of feeling bad that I'm a hot mess [which I was], I am now embracing the fact that I am a hot mess, but also embracing the part of me that loves to have things organized.

I know that once organized it takes a few extra minutes to keep things organized. My problem is always getting to the organized part without feeling overwhelmed and leaving to do something else. By challenging myself in this way I broke it down into just a couple of extra things at a time, instead of too much.

For example, I was planning on writing how clean and organized my room is this week. It isn't. at. all. 

But for me, it is. 

You can see the floor because I've put all of my clothes away. Yes, there are still piles of stuff to work on, on the sides, but I've been doing a little bit everyday and it is starting to work. I've also become less "lazy" and take the extra two minutes to clean up a mess after I make it. 

So to recap: 

1. I am more organized by planning out my day with a planner or daily docket.
2. My car is more organized and clean.
3. I have a healthier start to each day with my smoothies.
4. You can see my floor!!! 
I would love to hear about your progress on keeping things clean! I want to know I'm not the only messy one out there :P

Have a great Monday, WQs! I've got to get back to working on my room.

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