Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome to March!

Last month when Charlene @ From Bisons to Buckeyes and Beyond sponsored me, I saw her do this awesome "What I'm doing in February" post and I told her I'd steal it for the first day of March! So here we are :) 

In March I will be...

Making: a ton of wedding diy projects. 
Cooking: More. I used to cook dinner for us and then I got lazy. And by lazy I mean working 50 miles away from home and driving through traffic. 
Drinking: a lot. We're going out tonight, next weekend is my bachelorette, then my bridal shower, and the OC Blogger Brunch...all days filled with alcohol! 
Reading: Good Morning by Brook Noel. Check out my guest blog on Endless Bliss blog. 
Wanting: A tablet! 
Playing: Duolingo. Brittney @ Like an Arrow got me hooked (and I got my family hooked...)
Wishing: I have time to visit the babies this month! 
Enjoying: all of the wedding stuff...I know, it consumes my thoughts! 
Waiting: until we have our own place again! (patiently)
Liking: All of the love that this little blog and our Etsy is getting!! 
Wondering: what my bachelorette / bridal shower surprises will be! 
Loving: All of the love and support from those close to me. The last month's been a tough one. 
Hoping: We have enough money for the fun stuff! 
Needing: to start setting up my guest bloggers for the wedding / honeymoon! 
Smelling: Rain. California is happy :) 
Wearing: Jeans and my newest IWYP t-shirt. And my mom's rainboots since mine decided to break this morning.
Following: a lot of awesome bloggers on Twitter :) 
Noticing: the little things that people do for each other (and Iman does for me) 
Knowing: everything will work itself out!! 
Thinking: about how bad I am at keeping our room clean. 
Feeling: relieved
Giggling: At the cats because what else is new? 
Watching: the new show Mixology..has anyone seen it? 
Listening to: pop rock on Spotify. I'm so excited for Warped Tour after all. 
Obsessing over: anything wedding related. ahhhh
Shopping for: gifts for the amazing people who are helping with our wedding! 
Learning: Spanish again. Well, practicing. 
Bothered by: my messy room! 
Eating: soup!!! 
Wasting time on: Buzzfeed. Like always 
Working on: Some fun projects! 
Looking forward to: Our wedding and honeymoon!! 

What are your goals for March?

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  1. Your wedding is getting so close! Less than 2 months! So exciting.

  2. Yay! Isn't it fun to fill out. I'm doing one for March this week too. :)

  3. This is such a fun thing to do at the beginning of the month! Maybe I'll steal it for April. It looks like March is going to be an awesome month for you! So many good things happening!

  4. Yes! Definitely steal it! March is going to be a great month! I can't believe how busy and fun it will be. I hope your month is just as awesome!

  5. What a cute idea...I might have to 'borrow' this for April =)


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