Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

Have you ever noticed that when there's a problem we, as girls, are quick to blame each other before blaming any one else?

Seriously, us girls have an issue of blaming each other instead of JOINING together. Time and time again I have watched friendships break up because of something this boy did, something someone else said, etc. All I have to say is...are our friendships REALLY that disposable and shallow?! Are we really going to throw away a best friend because she was venting about you to someone else?

Speaking of, WHY do we vent to other people about each other?! Why don't we have the guts to just confront each other and say "hey, look, this has been bugging me and I just wnted to solve it..." But noooo we just have to have misunderstanding after misunderstanding. We're like the queens of miscommunication!

But really we should be banding together against the world! Instead of cutting each other down because of how someone dresses, etc we should be admiring her for having the guts to dress in such a manner!!

I just started at my new job a little over a week ago, and ALREADY there is girl drama. Girls who are telling others what to do, gossiping in the bathrooms, sneering at each other, etc. SO WHAT if she has a baby and is 17 years old?! It's her life, she's a great person...

Girls are so quick to pass judgment on one another. But if we don't support each other who will? Only we can truly understand our crazy mood swings, the way a girl's brain works, hormones, PMS, etc...

Girls are PROS at holding grudges. I hate holding grudges - if people annoy me or make me angry, chances are I'm over it within the next few days. My psychologist likes to tell me TO BE angry. Because I'm generally not. But what really gets my panties in a bunch is seeing girls hang each other out to dry.

So, what do you say? We try to support each other and love each other a little more? That's what i'm trying to do!


  1. This is a key reason to why I avoid being best friends with girls. It always gets catty :/

  2. Unfortunately, what you wrote is SO true.
    There is hope that some will change with maturity level. For myself, I have witnessed that these things are oh so often a reflection of the problems within their lives. Once girls, women (males for that fact, too) accept themselves just as they are, flawed or not, then they seem to lose the desire to tear others apart. Thus the sisterhood can begin. Stand together!


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