Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh how I love tickets

Before I start on my rant, if you feel like commenting with some variation of "you need to be a better driver to not get tickets" i will punch you the next time i see you. Mostly because it's annoying but partly because i put my car on cruise control the speed limit to ensure no speeding (on the freeways).

Honestly though, I really think I have a big fat TICKET ME sign flashing over my head // my car. Let me just list it out for ya really fast...and keep in mind...this is since my 20th birthday in June...

1. Speeding ticket -- 85 in a 65 ~ $460 to do traffic school
2. Texting ticket ~ $180
3. License Plate ticket -- apparently, i had the wrong plates on my car!? ~ $50
4. Speeding ticket -- 55 in a 40 ~ ?? idk i got it yesterday
5. Parking ticket -- only, it was legal to park there so i'm fighting it ~ $30

REALLY? did this REALLY all happen in the past 4 months?

Whyy yes, yes it did. And I'm really not sure how other than the fact that obviously I was speeding. I thought the speed limit was 45...I thought i was going 45 but it was downhill so maybe my car was accelerating...I was jamming to my music, not watching the spedometer.

It really just gets my panties in a bunch though that I'm just an average person getting all of these tickets. I think it'd be more beneficial to Orange County if I just went and robbed the B of A on Ridge Route and gave them that money! It'd be a hell of a lot more than the 600 - 1,000 it's wrangled out of me this year!!

Honestly though, shouldn't our cops be focusing on other things that are maybe a little more MAJOR than someone going over the speed limit but under reckless endangerment?! Such as, you know, catching the guys who robbed the Ridge Route B of A!! OR maybe catching the cars that go speed racing AROUND me as I'm cruising at 75 on the freeway...

I know that they're only out there catching the mid-level speeders because it's less of a chase and generates more revenue. All I'm saying is, shouldn't they be more worried about the bettermant of society instead of money...isn't that what the police force is for...ughh. fuck beauracracy.

Okay, I'm done. My head might explode.

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  1. I still don't understand how this has never happened to me. I go 80 on the freeway on my way to school everyday.

    PS: B of A can suck it.


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