Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skinny Bitch

Today my eyes were opened up to an ad that was recently published in Ralph Lauren featuring a very skinny and very disproportionate model Filippa Hamilton. Obviously this ad is drastically photoshopped because she is 5'10 and weighs 120 pounds.

This photoshop job seems to have brought up MANY issues that girls have to deal with thanks to the bad part of the media - something that I intend to fight for the rest of my life. (in typical me fashion...a list)

1. Photoshopping in the media
2. Ralph Lauren firing her for being "overweight"
3. Too skinny girls!!

1. Now don't get me wrong, I looove to photoshop things. Photo editing is so much fun, but I really don't understand the point of photoshopping models. I really don't see any positive outcome from this - everyone knows that the models are CLEARLY photoshopped and not that tiny in real life. But some people have such distorted self-confidence and views of themselves that they believe that people really can look that way - that a Barbie really does exist. (I linked this to the column i wrote about Barbie in my journalism class)

2. IDK about you, but 120 at 5'10 is definitely generally considered UNDERweight not OVERweight. Wayyy to be good role models Ralph Lauren!! But really, I don't understand why models have to be so skinny anyway? It would make sense if the general population was that skinny but no matter how many ads they print with girls who definitely need to eat a sandwich the vast majority of the population is NOT getting skinnier...

3. Skinny girls - go eat a sandwich. Seriously. If you have an ED talk to someone. There's always going to be someone willing to help, someone who loves you. And if you're like me and just can't gain weight...well...there are ways if you REALLY want to. Just be healthy!! Size shouldn't matter as long as we are HEALTHY.

Alright, enough ramblings for tonight. <3


  1. Give them the what for! That's my Niece!

  2. That ad is disgusting. Not even normal - her head looks HUGE! Weird.

    I don't get why models are so skinny. I agree, most of us are not that tiny, so the clothes they make look awful on us. Why not make clothes for the majority of the world?


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