Thursday, October 22, 2009

WQ of the Month

Today i want to identify one of my favorite warrior queens. She is seriously one of the strongest people I know. Life has thrown so much at her but she refuses to let it hold her back. She's grown a lot stronger in the past 18 months. I love my mom.

As a child, and up untila few years ago, i never realized her strength. Everyday she refuses to give up, always doing all she can for my brother and I. Especially when we have the opportunity and drive to do something. She has always supported us, even if / when we tried to walk all over her.

Mostly, she has a strong heart. She gets out of bed everyday in spite of the chaos life throws her way. It's so inspirational. She loves with more than I've ever seen. I get this trait from her.

She says I taught her to be a WQ, but without knowing it, she's been teaching me since day one. And now, we are each others' strength. Without her love and support I would be NOWHERE near the person I am today.

I love you mommy. =]


  1. So sweet. Your mom is a very strong woman and you are lucky to have her as your mother. (she is lucky to have you as a daughter too!)

  2. So true, for all of us. I think all of our moms teach us how to be warrior queens- I know mine does.

  3. Thank you my sweet love! It has been a pleasure watching you grow up.

  4. What a wonderful inspiring compliment to share with your mother! For that fact to share with the world!


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