Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"I" Statements: Selfish and Selfless

I've been asking everyone to be a "guest writer" on my blog. My best friend decided to submit something for me to post up, and it really is something that makes you think and REALLY is such a part of being a warrior queen. Being a warrior queen is about doing what is right for you, but not about being selfish. I, as a warrior queen, strive to be self-less. But there are always those incidences where you HAVE to be selfish to save yourself from the ills of others...

I wonder if we counted how many “I" statements we said each day what would be the total; the hundreds, thousands, millions, could we even count that high?

We are in a world that is so focused on ourselves. We complain about how the world is treating us. Stop complaining, face what is in front of you; handle and deal with it.

Why do we complain about thing that do not affect us or we complain as a victim? As if it was inflicted upon us and we are blameless. “My test was so hard.” If we studied harder, it would
not have been. We try to remain blameless in situations where we really are to blame.

“She’s so mean to me.” When in actuality we allow them be mean. [["No one can make you feel inferior without your consent," Eleanor Roosevelt.]] In addition, we take offense because we feel entitled. We are entitled to nothing. We deserve nothing but receive everything. I am complaining about complainers. Complaining is used to draw attention to one’s self. I need
to learn to sit back and enjoy everything about life. Trashing another person does nothing but boast. If it’s not hurting us why does it matter that: her mom does her homework or she took modeling photos. We complain so much in this world. I am sick of it and I do it so much. Praise each other for the little accomplishment. In conversations listening to others points
of views and wait to add in your two cents, don’t sit there contemplating what you are going to say next. I am sassy and I noticed it a lot this summer. I saw that almost every statement to certain people was almost always sarcastic and nasty. Why? Because I wanted to take out how I felt about my situation on them. Sarcasm is used to bring attention to myself and how witty I am at the expense of someone else.

In a world that is trying to change for better; how can we change if we were are all so focused on our selves instead of everyone. I am not saying we need a collative society focused on the betterment of the whole; but rather we need to stop
trying to make ourselves look better and focus on the world around us.

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