Monday, February 8, 2010


Okay, to start off. I apologize for the unintenional hiatus. School started and I temporarily lost my mind on top of it. I've been meaning to write this blog since last Tuesday after the class I had sparked this idea. But, such is life. Craziness!

Laate last Tuesday night I posted asking for opinions on Feminism. [[I'm pretty sure only Courtney reads my blog because only she responded but that's okay. haha.]] What she said is exactly what I wanted to talk about!!

Feminism. Most people view it as this ugly thing. I'm a feminist. You probably could tell that I'm all about girls all the time, but I bet no one really thought I described myself as a feminist. But I am.

I asked my mom this question the other day and she said she's not a feminist, she just believes that women should support and love each other and have rights. Hmmm...if that's not feminism, then what is?

Let's break it down with an actual definition, courtesy of Merriam Webster:

Main Entry: fem·i·nism
Pronunciation: \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\
Function: noun
Date: 1895

1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2 : organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests

Now, let's pull the definition from my textbook (Btw I'm taking Psychology of Women. It's going to be so good!)

Feminism: The idea that women's experiences and ideas are valued.

NOW. Save for what I'm pretty sure is just a very LOUD minority, most people believe that women's experiences and ideas are valued. The idea of feminism is not antagonistic toward men. I mean, I love men! Not just romantically, either. There are some very very amazing guy friends out there.

I suppose I fall under the category that every person should be valued. So yes, I'm all about girls making a name for themselves and being whoever they want to be. I want to be a mom, more than probably having my magazine. I want to cook dinner for my future husband, I don't mind cleaning the house. OH MY GOD, how could I go against my feminist ideas?

But I'm not. I'm just expressing the different facets of things that I desire in life.

For the record...there are 3 different types of approaches to feminism (just to educate ya)

1. Liberal feminism (me): someone who wants to reduce gender roles by passing laws that guarantee equal rights for women and men. "Liberal feminists emphasize that gender differences are relatively small; these differences would be even smaller if women had the same opportunities as men"

2. Cultural feminism: there are a certain numbers of positive qualities that are stronger in women, such as nurturing. [[i really find this not true with some women]]. This focuses on gender differences that value women and they often argue that society should be restructured to emphasize cooperation rather than aggression.

3. Radical feminism: the basic cause of woemn's oppression lies deep in the entire sex and gender system rather than in superficial laws and policies. Sexism permeates our society and our society needs to drastically changed.

Out of these three, the "bra burners" are radicals. Clearly. Also though, the bra burnings never happened.

The media (you gotta love the media, even as I strive to work FOR it) has this awesome ability to construe everything that could be good, as bad. Therefore, feminism is bad! Don't like it! Don't be a feminist! We'll take over the world and kill all men and men are horrible horrible creatures.

NO! Enough.

Let's all just be people. Support each other. No more girl cruelty and mind games.

Be. Love.

p.s. book reference: The Psychology of Women by Margaret W. Matlin
p.p.s. check out this too!


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  2. Throughout history there's evidence that men put down women because they were threatened by what women could do that men could never ever do---give birth, give life.

    I suppose I'm trying to say that, some women have tried to compensate for this oppression by becoming "feminists". I did a report on the E.R.A. from the 1970's last semester. Reading about this stuff is pretty interesting.

    PS: I hate when people say that dressing provocatively and having casual sex are gaining self-worth in their, that's demeaning, exploiting your gender is stupid.

  3. I dress provocatively because I like the way i look, not that i'm gaining self worth in myself! haha.

    what did your other post say?! lol.

    And what you're talking about is radical feminism, which is what everyone thinks is the only type of feminism.

    I had to do all of that in my women's studies class too.


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