Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pin Up Photo Shoot

I have a lot of dreams and things I want to do in life. Things to achieve, see, better myself. My magaizne is one of my biggest dreams, second to having a family and being a mom. I want to spread the idea to be yourself, have confidence and be love.

One of my simple, small dreams has always been to be a pin up girl. I've always wanted to have a 1950s photo shoot or an entire 1950s wardrobe (preferably both). It's my fashion - vintage. I'd love to own all vintage inspired clothing. Simpler time fashionwise...not skanky.

Anyway, Sunday night that dream came true!! My friend Joe got a new Nikon with a backdrop and flash equipment. He wanted to mess around and I wanted to be a pinup. Perfect! We rallied the team together - hair, makeup, director and had a blast!

The prep work was super exciting! Karen made me look so fatastically 1950s pinup. I wish I could do my makeup like that everyday!! Lol. Brit also made my hair gorgeously curly, which is something i always want. I picked out my outfits from the clothes I have which are mostly red. Everyone helped with accessories.

Then we started the shoot with test shots. A ton of them to figure out the flash. All the while I grew more and more nervous! I knew poses and faces but I don't think I was making the right ones!!

Once we started though, I relaxed and started to have fun. We were laughing and enjoying our amateur ways.Tyra would be disappointed...i need to learn to smile with my eyes!
Fantastic for a first photo shoot nevertheless!
 enjoy! =]


  1. You are so adorable!! The pictures are so awesome! I am so happy that you got to do this i know how much you have wanted too! I share the same feelings i love the era and the styles and would love the opportunity to take picts like you have! I am jealous! ha-ha
    -Love you

  2. I wish I could do a photoshoot like this, I never get any really great pictures of myself...I'm always the one behind the camera. It looks like you had fun!


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