Friday, February 12, 2010

News 2/12

I keep being too tired to actually type in a warrior queen blog. I apologize. It's coming though, I can promise that. It's about being scared of commitment...there's also one in the works about Global Warming, Moving On, etc etc. But for now, here are my news stories!

As a college student and just a person of the same generation, I can understand her frustration about being told she's plaigerising. It IS difficult to find things that have not been said before, especially in research papers, etc...but Sourcing...that's the whole key. I also don't think it's too hard to REPHRASE ideas into your own way...this coming from the journalist who must battle several other papers, etc for a story...

I'm not sure if they are doing homework regards to the headline. However, this is an interesting idea. Although, like always...only those who are wealthy enough to have a laptop could use it...

I'm always intrigued by global warming and psychology so naturally I was pulled in by this headline. It's OPINION. I want to make sure everyone knows this. It's a series of blogs by different journalists on this issue...enjoy!

I'm going to go and bake some Valentine's goodies with a friend before work and karaoke tonight. Let's hope I'm not too tired to finally post my warrior queen blogs !!

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