Friday, February 19, 2010

Future Goals

I've been thinking about the Magazine a lot lately instead of this blog. This might be a big part as to why I haven't been posting consistent entries even though they've been bouncing around in my head. I really need to use my tape recorder. I've also been very tired, as I've mentioned before. My classes are more challenging this semester and it's crucial I do the readings. Therefore, I spend a lot of my time reading or procrastinating reading by staring mindlessly at Facebook or going out with friends. I've been working between 20 & 30 hours a week too. If I get a 2nd job my productivity will probably increase. The verdict is still out on if I'll sleep more. I literally fail at sleeping, life's basic necessity!!

On the brightside, I really think my classes are what's helping me fine tune what I want out of the Magazine. I want to create the ideas for it and live and breathe it. I want to be the ultimate warrior queen. A good example.

Some people have been asking a lot about the purpose of my blog or the Magazine. Here it is:

To Be a Positive Influence on Life

I want the Magazine to join women together in a world where positive self-image is the norm. I want women to follow their dreams and not think they have to abandon them just because they have children. You can have both! You can have fun! You can have anything you put your mind and your actions toward!

"You can't change the world, but you can make a dent," - Sheldon Mopes

I've also been realizing through Psychology of Women that I don't want this just to b e women based. Yet I am one and fall victim to the ease of bonding together as a gender instead of as a human race. Men are not bad. I love them. there it is again, though. "Them" as in us vs them. It's not. We are the human race. Together we can achieve it. Not separately.

Unfortunately, because of the name, the Magazine will probably mostly cater toward women. Maybe I will create a brand for men but I do not think it would last in the competitive world of magazines. There is a void and a need for this among the teen girl category, but most teen boys would not be willing to pick up a magazine like this.

Males are socially bred to show more confidence and it is often not socially acceptable to seek help or self help or to better oneself. Society tells us so. Women can seek help because we are the weaker sex. Clearly, we need the help. Personally, i think that everyone should seek to better oneselves.

My psychology of women class literally pointed out that women magazines focus more on fashion and relationships than confidence and positive living. I have also fallen victim to writing more about love and relationships than career, the world, or health. I know this is because I write of what I'm experiencing. Please don't mistake that the Magazine will be full of relationship stuff. There will be a section, yes, but there will be a majority of other positive things. There will be other contributors, which I have tried for the blog but failed.

Also, importantly to me, I want to stop saying "I hate boys they do this blah blah blah." Instead I want to say "I hate dealing with this drama...I hate when people do this." Because, Its not boys, it's people. We are a lot more similar than people really feel comfortable acknowledging. Take me for example. I took the BEM  test (which is a test using characteristics that society says are "male" or female" to determine a gender). IT turns out i'm androgynous. I scored 100 in female and 99 in male. Which makes sense if you know me.

So I'm not really sure where this all is heading, still. But I like where it's going. I like where I'm going. I'm fine tuning all of my WQ qualities. Being positive. Being happy. It's what I want for everyone <3

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  1. I just wrote a blog about career thoughts you fiend! haha


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