Saturday, December 14, 2013

Big Chill 2013

Sometimes I like to make really cryptic titles that make no sense. It's like a revolt against the journalist in me. I do this with photo albums on FB mostly. I try to make it all funny or fancy, like the one time I made a fall album called [Fall]ing Together, and somehow that's when Iman and I started dating.

Crazy. Crazy, I tell you!

Anyway, this post isn't really about the cold. It's sort of to make fun of California but mostly to give you weekly post recap, with some photos!

Monday: We had another fun 5 Little Grins! I must confess..mine were mostly wedding related

Tuesday: I can't get enough of music and shared a couple of my favorite songs inspiring positivity.

Wednesday: I skipped Wedding Wednesday this week since I talked so much about wedding things on Monday. Instead, I linked up for Christmas is in the Air and shared my holiday movies.

Thursday: I used to be so outrageous until I became an adult.

Friday: Check out my awesome Warrior Princess sponsors and don't miss out on your change for 60% off ad space!

Yep, it got "cold" in Cali...

Tea Drinkers Unite! 

I was beyond excited to get this t-shirt. There's only a week left to purchase her next t-shirt, too. 

Another pic of the bridesmaids and I :)

I had too many mimosas at Sunday Football

Flashback to my pink hair days 

*cute moment alert* I found the wording I used to ask Iman to Winter Formal in 2007 :)
Hope you all had an awesome week! I'm not sure what I'm doing today, but that just might be the wonderful break I needed.

 photo name.jpg

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  1. Hope you guys are staying warm through the "Big Chill" :)
    I won't even tell you how cold it was Tuesday night when I got home from dance!

  2. You look so cute in the photo of you with the bridesmaids. ^.^ So how cold did it get in California?

  3. Gaaah #teadrinkersunited . LOVE your cute cup!

  4. thank you!!

    It normally only gets down to the high 40s but we got down to the 30s a few weeks ago!

  5. hahah brr!! Of course when I posted this, it was like a 75 day! lol


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