Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here's a little secret about the holidays...

Have you read Sara @ A Plethora of Pondering's letter to December?

I read it the other night as I was being an insomniac and it made me incredibly happy because of how true it is. We all get so stressed out around the holidays, especially to create the perfect holiday and do everything we can! I usually feel slightly shamed because I don't partake in too many normal holiday activities. I like to do things my own way, though so I accept it. And we should totally accept everyone's holiday shenanagins!

Something I have always failed at doing because I am such a hot mess is send holiday cards. Here's the thing: I am a horrible pen pal. You can ask Cassie @ The World View from 2 Teenage Girls. She wrote me a Halloween letter and now another card and I still haven't written back. I suck at it.

The worst part is I usually write it and then fail at sending it. Which is especially silly considering I can now do everything from my house [unlike apartment living]. BUT I digress.

This year I am making holiday cards! Well, writing them at least. It's a slow process and I've got a lot going on. BUT I have addresses this year [from sending Save the Dates] so this is happening. What's more is this cute idea I've seen all over about sending cards to fellow bloggers. COUNT ME IN.

If you'd like to exchange holiday cards fill out this form!

I also am not sure if you noticed that I am discounting my totally awesome ad space this month!!

Alright, I'm away laughing on a fast camel << who knows where that is from?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out lady! Enjoyed your post! Good luck on the holiday cards! I haven't even gotten mine! Ha!

  2. Aw thank you! Mine are just the ones we had in the cabinet from last year. I tried to do them last year while on a train to Orange County. My dad was in the ER and I brought them with me to try to calm my nerves but I think I made only two and then things got too busy!

  3. hahaha, that's the route I'm trying. You would think it would be easy, but for some reason it always ends up in my room unaddressed or without stamp or something

  4. are you that forgetful girl? is that why you forget to drop by my blog? j/k :p

  5. haha, if you only knew how often I locked my keys in the car you'd know how forgetful I am :) I try my best and that's all I've got!! :) But I do love your blog

  6. dang girl...... you're that forgetful? no telling what else you forget huh? I thought i was bad.


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