Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: A Pat on my Back

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

Last week I spoke with my wedding coordinator, Liz, because sometimes I get in a little bit of a panic.

Like, when I look at those "to do" lists for brides and it says I have to do something by a certain time and I haven't done that something yet. Liz assures me that it is A-OKAY. Especially if you read her book The Mad Dash Down The Aisle. I loved it! It always calms me down!

Anyway, I am going to make myself a list of minor goals, and give myself a pat on the back for the other things I've accomplished during the holiday season!


- reach out to our officiant and nail it down
- set up a date to meet with my uncle re: music
- speak with Iman's cousin and set up a date for our meeting with the florist
- go to the bra store!
- make a list of all of the things we need to buy (including things for the DIY)
- go to the Social Security Administration and get a new card
- apply for passport
- when Iman gets his bonus, buy our honeymoon plane ticket!
- finish up wedsite
- look at wedding band designs while in Vegas [our jeweler is in Vegas]

Accomplishments in December:

- order and receive invitations (YAY!)
- Girls' bridesmaid's dresses!
- purchase bridesmaid's gifts -- they don't know I did this ;)
- purchase some of my wedding jewelry
- choose wedding cocktails
- save a good chunk of our venue cost!
- start getting into shape and eating healthy as a couple!! Finally!

Do you ever get in a little tizzy about all of the wedding things to do? How do you battle it? 

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P.s. We are STILL looking for someone to take our old venue if anyone knows anyone interested!

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  1. I love the idea of making mini goals for wedding planning. So smart. I need to get on the ball! Ugh. I feel so far behind from where I should be. Oh well. It will work out eventually. Blah blah blah!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I think it's great to make four or five wedding goals for the week and forget all about the other stuff for a while :)

  3. I know how you feel! There's just so much to do and time is just slipping away! At least you have your mind set on goals! I'm happy you've accomplished somethings in December! It feels good to cross out things on your list. You go girl!!

  4. Ah thank you!! You're always so encouraging!! It does feel like time is slipping away! It is almost 2014 and then I only have 4 months!! But apparently things are on track, they just seem all over the place and crazy

  5. I agree!! I am going to start doing it because some days I just feel so overwhelmed I just ignore everything. Make it almost one goal met a day.

  6. I feel super behind, too but I am sure we aren't! It's because some people (I have a few friends for example) who do everything WAY too early and make us normal people freak out.

  7. Good luck with things. Before I forget. Just letting you know I received your card. very proud of you girl. You mailed it and didnt forget to.I knew you had it in you. ;P

  8. Yay!! I still have one more round of christmas cards to send!

  9. hahaha, we booked a couple of things within the first month but that's about it. I have friends who sent me their save the dates for weddings this summer before I had even sent my save the dates!

  10. Make a list of what needs to happen and then assign it a month. Excel sheets are really helpful for this. That way, as things enter your mind, you can assign them a time to deal with them and it's not all weighing on you at once. A little piece of advice from my wedding planning business. :) You got this.


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