Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Signature Cocktail

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

Since I had a lot of time off last week I did a lot of wedding related stuff! It was wonderfully amazing and fun and I seriously couldn't have done it without my MOH coming over. I'm really bad at doing things when they need to be done, unless someone gives me a deadline and holds me accountable.

It's the journalist in me. 

I decided I wanted to cocktail taste on Black Friday because that is a million times better to do than shop with a million crazy people. So a couple of friends came over and my mom decided we needed to feed them, too. We had a wonderful impromptu get together and I found out my drink of choice!! I am a horrible blogger and have ONE photo of me drinking said drinks, so the rest will be pictures from Pinterest :) 

There are a lot of fruit allergies among my family members and myself. It basically came down to only being able to do something fruity if it is: apples, strawberry, raspberry, pear or grapes. I'm okay with that!  

The contenders: 

Sprinkle-Tini (from Venus Trapped in Mars) 

This was delicious but way, way, way too strong for me. I have sensitive taste buds so I have to stay away from stronger drinks or my mouth feels burned :(

Apple Cider Sangria


1 bottle (standard size) of pinot grigio <
2 1/2 cups fresh apple cider
1 cup club soda
1/2 cup ginger brandy
3 honey crisp apples, chopped
3 pears, chopped

I was sorta buzzed, don't hate. 
I loved this and it was ALMOST my wedding drink of choice, but then I realized that it isn't that strong, and quite a lot of prep compared to the winner...
The Winner 

Red Berry Sangria

This is ADAPTED from this website. (But the photo is from them since I didn't take a picture)

1 bottle of Riesling
1/2 cup of Raspberry Vodka
Diced strawberries

Let sit in fridge for 4-5 hours, the longer the better! 

Iman, of course, has it easy. His favorite drink is Crown Royal and Coke. 

I still need to ask our vendor if they can make the sangria, or if I can make it. If not - and I would be so, so sad - then my drink of choice will be Malibu. Easy, peasy but not quite as fun!! 


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Are you and your groom doing a signature cocktail?

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  1. Ohh these drinks . Before I get tempted , I better grab my tea mug back ;)

  2. I love of these choices! I'm interested in trying the Sprinkletini from Venus trapped by Mars. Looks delish. I think you made the best choice by picking the berry sangria! It looks amazingly good. Are you hiring a bartender? Or is one coming with your cater? This is a great idea to do...I think Gil and I already have a signature drink, it's both our favorite...It called Caipirinha. It's a Brazilian drink made with sugar infused Brazilian rum! Humm....I think I'll make a post about it soon :D Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Jess

  3. I love the idea of a signature drink. We aren't doing that because it's too much work and it costs extra, but I do love the idea.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Saxon @ Let&#39;s Drink Coffee, DaDecember 4, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    Your signature drink sounds yummy! I hope your vendor will work with you on your choice! We didn't do alcohol at the wedding, so we did Pioneer Woman's iced coffee recipe!

  5. Good choice! They all sounded amazing!

  6. How fun! I really like the cocktail you picked - fingers crossed your vendor can accommodate!
    At my friend's wedding recently, the bride and groom both had signature cocktails. The groom's was a very dry martini, and the bride's was a lovely concoction of apple cider and Goldschlager - it was really warm and cozy, like a spiced cider!

  7. Thank you!!

    I was thinking of doing something like a spiced cider, but it's a spring wedding so I was trying to find a "spring" taste.

  8. Thanks! They were delish. I mean, who doesn't want to spend one day trying out a bunch of fun drinks?

  9. We contemplated not doing alcohol, but decided we wanted to do just the two drinks and beer/wine so that it is limited. Anything other than that, people can pay for.

    What is Pioneer Woman's iced coffee recipe! I am DEFINITELY intrigued

  10. Our wedding venue seems really laid back and like it will be possible but I also don't understand him too well (he speaks Spanglish, lol). So I just have to double check. I hope it doesn't cost extra, I don't mind the extra work because I am too picky with my cocktails. lol

  11. You definitely need to try the Sprinkletini!!

    That drink sounds DELISH. I need to order it somewhere...probably a Brazilian restaurant?

    Our bartender should come with our venue (all inclusive), but we haven't included alcohol in our price yet. It depends on how much we can afford at the end.

  12. Here I am drinking my green tea, dreaming of those drinks, too! haha.

  13. the drinks sound good. esp the cider one and the strawberry one.

  14. Saxon @ Let&#39;s Drink Coffee, DaDecember 4, 2013 at 3:52 PM

    Haha our wedding was just really relaxed and we didn't want to have to worry about kids getting into the wrong drinks! haha

    Here is the link to her recipe, but I thought it was a bit unclear what proportions to use if doing it for a ton of people. I just mixed one 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk for every two pots (12 cup sized pot) of coffee.

  15. My blog is

  16. Ah, did I link it wrong? I did it from my phone. Sorry!

  17. What an amazing idea, love the signature drink!

  18. Such a clever idea. And you guys should re name it for your day to be something that represents you two.

  19. You said to remind you to come to my blog. Here's your reminder. :P .

  20. Yum! Get in my belly!

  21. :) I'm glad you like the recipes! Let me know if you try any of them!!

  22. ooo Sangria sounds amazing! I still need to pick mine. My mom won't let me do Guinness lol

  23. haha aww man!! I still haven't talked to my venue if we can do it, but I'm still hoping!


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