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Normally, I'm not all over a million posts a day. It's very rare that I even post twice a day. Usually it will be on a Monday or if I have a guest post. Well today I DO have a guest post (totally awesome South African recipe) and I really want to send out Christmas cards, so I needed to post my other one...then my aunt contacted me about Giving Tuesday.

I swore I put Giving Tuesday on my calendar, but forgot anyway. I love this concept and am much more behind it than Black Friday. I like Small Business Saturday, too. As I mentioned in my earlier post today, the holiday spirit isn't about buying things for people, to me. To me, it is about giving as much as I can. I usually try to do this in NON consumerism forms. I make gifts; I bake; I visit; I volunteer. These are more to me and that is why Giving Tuesday is close to my heart.

The dog that inspired the organization. Via

My Aunt Stacey is the executive producer on a movie for a non-profit called CLEAR (Canine Lympoma Education Awareness and Research).

Here is the statement from the non-profit's Indiegogo page:

We are producing this film to increase awareness and educate dog owners everywhere that cancer is not a death sentence for your four-legged friend.  For dogs, life goes on -- it may be hard on us, but we can help our furry companions.  We want to make a documentary that informs owners that there are ways to help prevent cancer and there are options if your dog is diagnosed.  When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the immediate concerns are what can be done, what will treatment be like, how long will I have, and so on. When that same diagnosis applies to our dogs, finances quite often become a concern and deserve to be taken into consideration.  The reality of monetary concerns does not mean you love your dog any less.

I wanted to be sure to post this today because on Giving Tuesday because today every $20 raised will get an additional dollar from Indiegogo. In addition, the partners for the production, will donate an additional one percent of the total raised today! It's perfectly easy!

To donate go to this link.

If you can't donate, please share the link or comment on the campaign to boost visibility of the campaign. Thank you!!!

Happy Giving Tuesday!

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