Thursday, April 3, 2014

42 Weeks of Doing Good

Erykka and I decided to do the #dogood52ways challenge from the Do Good Bus. Every Wednesday night, we draw a new paper from the jar; complete the task; and invite our blog readers to partake. For more information on how this started go here.

Last week's challenge came right after World Water Day and urged us to be cognizant of our water use.

I also challenged all of you to broaden your minds and judge less. How'd it go?

Things went great over here! I'm a fast shower-taker already, averaging 7 minutes in the shower but I have a horrible habit of letting the water run forever before getting in.

Not this week!! I got in right away and was a little cold, but thought of how lucky I was to have hot water at all!! That wonderful moment also coincided with my shower losing all pressure for the next week.[it's okay, I've now been going to my dad's to shower].

This week's challenge has been done before, but it is a great and important reminder!

I also added an AWESOME section where you could search all of the past #DoGood52Ways posts :) You can find them here or on my side bar under my Instagram feed.

On top of all of this, I wanted to share a little Sevenly love today. If you haven't heard of Sevenly, it's an organization that sells products and $7 of each item bought goes to a different cause each week.

The first time I purchased something, proceeds went to TWLOHA.

The second time, proceeds went to All Girls Allowed.

This week they are doing something for Autism Awareness! So get on over and check it out :)

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. It is the hardest thing for me to take short showers, so when I tell you I sacrificed-I mean it! I tried to cut them down to 10 minutes and I know that's still long, but most of my showers last 30.

  2. Oh and I love the one for this week. I've been trying so hard to be ever more present. Leaving the phone behind is an awesome idea. Can't wait to try it.

  3. Love this challenge! Getting on board!

  4. Most of the time my showers seem to be pretty quick. Unless I'm doing all that girly stuff like shaving and exfoliating. Love that shirt from Sevenly! I've browsed their goods a few times, but never bought anything yet. I really should since it's all for a cause!

  5. You are so brave for getting in the shower while it was still cold. Seriously. That's so hard for me to do. But since it was for a good cause, I can totally understand. I love Sevenly! I haven't actually bought anything from them, but I've always browsed and loved it. I need to buy something! I love the sweater that you got. So cute and so you!

  6. Totally thought I replied to this! Sorry! Hahah, it was a hard task but I did it!! Made me think a lot in that moment!! Definitely get something from Sevenly. I love the t-shirts but the sweatshirt is SO comfy, too!

  7. Great job on the quick showers!! And definitely get something from Sevenly! It is awesome! Plus you get really cute stickers, too!


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