Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Little Grins Link Up [Week 27]

5 Little Grins


We'll go ahead and say it: Most people think Mondays suck / are the worst / should die a fire-y death. I'm sure you get the picture.

We've all had our fair share of bad Mondays and bad Tuesdays and just plain ol' bad days. Instead of focusing on the bad, what if we focused on the good things?

What if we focused on the little things that made us smile today, yesterday, last week? Could our whole attitude change? In time, would we find that we're having more good days than bad?

Cassandra, Paulina and I would love for you to join us on our weekly link up counting at least 5 things that made you smile in the last week. We could start our Mondays on this positive note!

Of course, this is all about encouragement, so hop on over to some other blogs and leave a positive note and make a new friend!
The Rules! (These are really just kind suggestions)

1. Follow your hosts: Cassandra, Raewyn, and Paulina!

2. Link up your post that includes 5-ish things that made you smile in the past week

3. Comment after you link up

4. Go visit some other blogs and make some friends!

5. Have fun, and don't forget to smile!!
ahh, this means a few things. 
1. Five Little Grins will take a break on my side until May 5
2. There will be a TON of guest posters here from Wednesday - May 5. 
3. Y'all better be stalking my insta for pictures! 
Let's get grinning!!!! 

1. I finished all of my wedding crafts on SATURDAY. Like a Boss. I have some errand like stuff to do for the wedding still, but the big crafts are doooone. 

Just some moustache place cards :) 

2. We had dinner with my Papa! He isn't able to make it to the wedding, so it was important to me that we got to see him before we got married!

3. I surprised Iman with a Dave and Buster's night with friends last night. Successful!! 

4. I have brown hair!! Lol. So happy!

5. It was one of my best friend's birthdays on Saturday and my adopted little sis's birthday today! My momma's is on Thursday and I am just full of birthday love!! (my phone is being annoying and won't upload my pictures from my friend's beach birthday breakfast) 

Happy Early Birthday Momma!! [my grandma might kill me that there is a picture of her on the internet]

And, because I can't just leave it at 5 are the other WONDERFUL things that happened this week:

I GOT MY FIRST TIFFANY'S!! It's a beautiful infinity necklace as my wedding gift

Beach date with my friend Sam and her puppy, Monkey! 


 photo name.jpg

Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. Hey!
    I just posted to your link up! I think it's a great idea, thanks for sharing!
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! And I love your photos! especially the way your future-husband is looking at you in the last one! :D
    wishing you all the best! xxx

  2. I will definitely have to remember to stalk your instagram like crazy. best wishes darlin.

  3. Your hair is gorg! Can't believe it's your wedding week. 5LGs will have to cease until May :)

  4. Thank you!!! And aw, I will be so excited when I come back!!!!

  5. Thank you friend!! Can't wait to meet up with you when I get back!

  6. Yay!! Thank you so much for linking up! I'll stop by your blog tomorrow!! And thank you! I think he's just the cutest for looking at me like that :)


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