Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April is FINALLY here + Bowtique by Jacqueline

At the beginning of March, I did this and I absolutely loved it! So I decided to do it again. I'm sorry for the wedding obsessed posts, but it is literally less than 20 days away! Girl's goin crazy over here! 

Making: a seating chart, oh boy!
Cooking: nothing! I've got no time! 
Drinking: a lot of water! I'm finally being good :)
Reading: my guest list. over and over again to make sure I'm spelling names right
Wanting: a new planner! Mine is finished in June!
Playing: crosswords, those count as a game right? They always keep me calm.
Wishing: Europe to be everything we want!
Enjoying: all of the love!
Waiting: until wedding week!!
Liking: how calm I've been feeling
Wondering: how the wedding will go
Loving: Iman so much!
Hoping: to spend time with all of our guests at the wedding!
Needing: to start setting up my guest bloggers for the wedding / honeymoon! 
Smelling: maple syrup candles in my classroom.
Wearing: jeans that miraculously fit me perfectly, and a pretty, sheer top.
Following: the hashtag #earthquakeproblems
Noticing: how wonderful people are!
Knowing: I try my hardest 
Thinking: about the wedding..it's all I can think about! )
Feeling: excited, nervous and giddy!
Giggling:  over my students
Watching: time zoom by!
Listening to:  Christina Perri's Head or Heart! It was released today :) 
Obsessing over:  tiny details
Shopping for:  last minute wedding things
Learning: that trusting myself is the most important
Bothered by: my unpainted nails
Eating:  less Jack in the Box and McDonalds (I hope)
Wasting time on:  nothing. Side note, this makes me think of I Love College by Asher Roth
Working on: staying organized for the wedding / on my blog when I'm gone
Looking forward to: APRIL 19th!!!!!!!!!!!


I also want to tell you about Bowtique by Jacqueline today! 

A few weeks ago Jacqueline sent me a decal to review, and let me tell you, I just love it! It gives Daisy {my car} a little more personality.
I will preface with the fact that I love decals on my cars. My truck has a Damzl sticker, a GlamisDunes.com sticker and - for my inner nerd - my high school newspaper staff sticker. Across the top it used to have my nickname Polly Pocket. I have to put that one back on, it came off. 
My beautiful car, Daisy, was sticker free. She does have a custom license plate but that's not the same! So I was so happy to add this girly touch, and can't wait to make a WQ one to put on the back. 
Jacqueline has excellent customer service. She sent the decal quickly with a card. Did I mention she's also a blogger? She blogs at Pretti Please and I love reading it! I met her through Her Campus Blogger Network

You could put your Decal anywhere. I contemplated my laptop, but I think I will have my car for a little while longer :) 
Go and take a look at her Etsy and buy something! She also offers glitter canvases [I'm in love with the heart one] and actual bows for your hair!  :) 

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  1. You can get the bubbles out really easily! You just push the little air bubbles to the corners with your finger :)

  2. I knew there would be a quick fix!! Thank you!!

  3. EEK! It's your wedding month! Enjoy it girl!!!


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