Friday, April 25, 2014

Single Lady Perks [Guest Post]

While I'm honeymooning in Europe, a few wonderful bloggers will be taking over my blog! I am so excited to be sharing these ladies with you! Meet one of my real life blogging friends! I just love Erica to death and can't wait to see her again when I get back in May! 


Hello everyone!  I am Erica from Erica Jacquline my place to share all the silly things that happen in my life that make me laugh and hope that they make you laugh too.

I was so excited that Raewyn asked me to guest post today.  She is not only a wonderful blogger but someone from blogging that I can actually call my real life friend too. I couldn't be more excited for Rae to get hitched and now will permanently have a man do really important things to make her life better.

I recently was at a gala for my job, I teach juniors and seniors English and Psychology, I know I am a saint.

Cute photo with the girl! 

This is her silly face. Child please!  

After the gala I had to walk to my car in high heels, at 10 o'clock at night, in the dark, freezing my long legs off,  by myself. I usually do not complain or care that I am a single lady just livin' life carrying on and what have you, but there are times it would be nice for the world to make some allowances for us single ladies, if you know what I mean.  Below is my list of single lady perks I would like to see adopted in the world as soon as possible.

1. Single Lady Parking Spaces 
I think it is high time the close to the door spaces stop being hogged by the elderly and the handicapped.  Looking as good as I did Friday night and walking alone to my car in a dark neighborhood should not be happening the world. Am I right ladies? 

2. You Are Fabulous Gift Registry 
I love all my friends that have gotten married or are getting married soon. Love them.  I also love being in their weddings or going to their weddings to show my support of their nuptials.  I even love buying them things for the home they are going to be making together. I like to think they think of me every time they use the coffee mugs I bought or sleep on the sheets I bought them (Gross.  I actually never buy anything for the bedroom that happens to be on a registry). But what about me?  I mean just because I am not getting married anytime soon does not mean I couldn't use a Kitchen Aid or  Ninja Blender?  Can we petition Pinterest, they are in charge of all weddings now right, and come up with a single girls gift registry? Perhaps for her 30th birthday which is coming up in November? hmmm?

3. Moving Day Boyfriend 
I hate moving!  I was all OK with it when I was fresh out of college.  I would move a bed up three flights of stairs and not bat an eyelash.  Now, I can think of nothing worse.   The idea of having to lift heavy boxes, hire movers that are creepy men in tank tops, and then get everything in its place is daunting.  I once had a boyfriend when I had to move and let me tell you it was nice, he even had a truck.  I have considered finding boys on a month or so before I move again just so I could have some extra muscle.

4. Furniture Assembler  
Yes I know I can hire a handyman to do this or heck I could even do it myself.  I actually have built my own furniture,  and that desk only wobbles when you put something on it.  I am telling you I am just not interested in furniture assembly. 

5. Single Girl Security System 
When I come home late at night and the house is empty I would love it if I had someone who would walk from room to room and make sure the person I am convinced is going to murder me is not hiding in a closet or a shower.  Yes, I check for myself and I am always uber dramatic; throwing doors open, flicking on the lights, hitting the ground in case I startled the gun man and they shoot.  Not that I want a boyfriend to be shot.  I actually only think about these things when I am home alone. 

6. Dog Taker Outsider 
I love my little Penny girl.  I just do not love it when she wakes me up at 4 in the morning and I have to take her outside to potty.  It would be great if when you bought a puppy they provided a person to help shoulder the load if you are single.  I am telling you I could live without seeing as much puppy poop as I have in my short life. 

7. Junk Food Eater 
Occasionally I will eat some junk food, OK I really would eat it every day if I could.  The only problem is that It is just me and a bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos   If will power was actually a thing this situation would not be a problem.  I have been known to eat a lot of junk food, I actually made myself sick this weekend because I ate too many cookies.  It would be great if there was another person around to eat some of the junk when I break down and run to Target in the middle of the night. 

8. Fashion Photographer 
Not trying to brag but I think I look really pretty most days.  I usually do not capture a photo of my beauty because there are only so many times you can ask a student or stranger on the street to capture that moment in your life. 

I hope you come on over to my neck of the woods and say hello and maybe stay awhile or follow me on bloglovin, twitter, or instagram! 

Everyone make sure you congratulate Raewyn for getting married to a man who will fill in all eight of these things for her!  

Thank you so much for taking over my blog as I'm gallivanting [and hopefully not freezing] in Europe!

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  1. First of all, that second picture made me giggle. I love it. Secondly, I agree with every single thing on this list except for #7. I don't share my food very well. Especially my desserts and junk food. I will share my veggies; I will GIVE my veggies away. Just don't touch my cake.

  2. Uhm, why aren't we funding these???

  3. Hahaha. Love this post! Great choice of guest blogger. Every point was hilarious. I was once single. I must agree with all the suggestions.

  4. r a zytta look out for each other in this crazy world.

  5. Obama won't respond to any of my letters.

  6. Thanks girly! I was the same way in college. Something happens around 26 and you need veggies. It is a strange phenomenon.

  7. Yay!! I love that you love this :)


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